3 Doable Pumpkin Crafts Using Thrifted Materials

I love a lot of things. My husband. My kids. My friends. CHOCOLATE. But I love other things too… like DO-ABLE crafts. And also pumpkins. So herefollows 3 VERY doable pumpkin crafts using thrifted materials: the Mason Jar Band Pumpkin, the Thrifted Book Pumpkin, and the No-Sew Pumpkin. First… the Mason Jar Band Pumpkin This […]

Take It On Tuesday: The Kitchen Has Been Painted a Beautiful Shade of BLUE!!!

It is Take It On Tuesday and the kitchen has been painted a beautiful shade of blue! I call it “On the SPot Blue.” I wonder why… It took the better part of the weekend. And we had an unfortunate hiccup with the color (the tinted primer was a shade of blue I loved, but […]

DIY: Galvanized Poultry Feeder Becomes Candy Dispenser – BOOM!

I cannot take credit for this little gem. My friend Andrea is the mastermind. I went to one of her parties one time and I won a galvanized poultry feeder and mason jar filled with Jelly Bellies! A POULTRY FEEDER? You ask… YOU *WON* A POULTRY FEEDER, JENNY? Did I stutter?… A POULTRY FEEDER FILLED […]