Pinch Me: Kickin’ It. With the Rockettes. Literally.

First of all… let me just say this… It is impossible for me to ever become a Rockette. Not because of skill. Nor lack there-of. I CAN DANCE. Nor drive. I AM AN ENDURANCE MANIAC! *exeption: childbirth* I will never become a Rockette because at age *none of your business, but ond enough to sprout […]

Flashback to 2005…

If you know me, you know I love to dance. If you DON’T know me, then know this – I LOVE TO DANCE. See? LOVE. So. Naturally. My spawn, has a particular knack for dancing as well. The following video was pulled from the archives. I was motivated by conversation over here to dig it […]

Flashmob at Blissdom 2011, ya'll!!!

The talented Jana of Sugar, Spice and a little bit of Life pulled together quite a group. Dear Jana, I love you. Mentor me. NINETY women… (and a Mann wearing one sparkle glove!). A secret Facebook group. Wave planning. Instructional videos posted to the secret Facebook page… Practice videos posted to inspire and also crack […]