Simple Summer PhotoTips

I’m gonna lay this baby out like a good sermon – 3 points, ya’ll! Organization (ish), Preparedness (which is really the first cousin of organization), and Creativity … all for the purpose of getting us out there and capturing the goodness of summer! Simple Summer Photo Tips  1) Get Organized! I’m a mom. Due to […]

Waves of Melancholy

Melancholy + Jenny = not a match. Right? People expect “peace and sparkles”. Right? What most people don’t know, about me, is my inescapable bent toward being/feeling/seeing the negative. Glass half-empty. Since I was a wee one. The “peace and sparkles” you see here has been a strategy for me to become a positive person. […]

There really is a creative (mad?) genius inside.

I will often tell people I am not creative. I am a WAY better copy cat. *meow* I would say I am far more CAPABLE than CREATIVE. And I am O.K. with that. I can do just about anything… I just need someone to tell what it is I will be doing. EXCEPT FOR YESTERDAY Y’ALLS! My kids […]

Baked Cookies or No-Bake Cookies?

Discuss. And also… Totally unrelated… While using the facilities at a local place of business… I spied a very creative solution: Safety first!!! Andalsoducttape. ******** Keep up on the ridiculous, the insightful, the always digressive… Get Jenny On The Spot by RSS or EMAIL or newsletter! Follow JOTS on Twitter, join the Facebook Fan Page […]

Things I’m Good At: Stirring, Removing Tags, and Stuff

Either I need to expose my kids to more things, or I need to continue harboring them from certifiable Awesome. Things I’m Good At: Stirring, Removing Tags, and Stuff I think I am going try to keep them from society as much as possible because, right now… they think I am THE BOMB! I love […]