15 Creative Upcycled Egg Carton Ideas!

Have you’ve been going through a lot of eggs lately? 15 Creative Upcycled Egg Carton Ideas It IS that time of year. There are so many egg coloring (and decorating) ideas yet there is sooooo LITTLE TIME! Suuuuure… you can recycle all those egg cartons, or can give them to your local chicken farmer friend, […]

Take It On Tuesday: Make a Craft in a Jar!!! No-Water Snow Globes!

It’s TUESDAY, and you know what that means??? It’s time to TAKE IT ON! Today I take on a cute craft… a CRAFT IN A MASON JAR… NO-WATER SNOW GLOBES! My friend sent me a Facebook message with a Take it On Tuesday seasonal idea – SNOW GLOBES. But the water part made me nervous, […]

Free Valentine Printable! Lip and Mustache Lollipop Valentines

Grab your card stock, scissors, lollipops, and class list… Lip and Mustache Lollipop Valentines P.S. Make an extra one, two, or twelve… hand out to a stranger or retail worker or bus driver and bring a smile/pucker/mustache to an unexpected face!) I mustache you… Will you be my Valentine? Firstmost… My Lucy said today, “I […]

Candy Corn Halloween Candy Dispenser Thingy: Easiest Craft EVER

Y’all… It’s a candy corn halloween candy dispenser thingy! This is the EASIEST CRAFY EVER! Yummm…. Candy corn… Halloweeen… Candy… crafty goodneses… You will need: • Mason jar • Poultry/chicken feeder thingy (am so good with technical farm terms) • CANDY CORN!!! You know what? How about I just show you how easy it is! […]

The Summer Boredom Buster Jar

Summer is so cute. …The kids. …Not in school. …The sounds of giggles and expression of boredom fill our homes. The overall claim is that our mothers made us play outside and they didn’t entertain us. The words I read and hear about today’s children is they are spoiled and helicopter parented and can’t think […]

A DIY Vlog: How to Make a Ribbon Christmas Tree!

Here ya go, folks… it’s a DIY vlog! Are you ready? Make your own ribbon Christmas tree! A DIY ribbon Christmas tree, whaaaat?!! Just in time to deck your halls so you can go ahead and make your own! Or in my case – to get severely burned by my glue gun.. One day I was […]

How-To: Two Crafty, Thrifted Frame ideas for Halloween!

 Are you ready? TWO Thrifted Frames ideas for Halloween! Frame Idea #1: THRIFTED FRAME YARN SPIDER WEB? If you didn’t catch my video last week, about the things I gathered at Value Village, you really should (here). Because OH MY HECK THE TREASURES AND POTENTIAL! I got the spider (a dozen, in fact!), the frame, […]

Take It On Tuesday: How To Make Glitter-Filled Starbucks Cold Cup!

It is Take It On Tuesday and I am taking on how to make a glitter filled insulated cold cup! More specifically, the… Starbucks Cold Cup I AM A FLIPPING GLITTER NINJA, PEOPLE!!! I followed this how-to that I found on Pinterest. But I had to make a video. Because that’s what I do. Glitter […]

A DIY Take It On Tuesday: Embroidery Hoop Art!

It’s TAKE IT ON TUESDAY! Let’s do some embroidery hoop art!!! This week I take on something I discovered via Pinterest many moons ago  – EMBROIDERY HOOP ART! This project is cute because it is easy and charming. All you need is fabric (or something to put IN the embroidery hoop), embroidery hoops (or quilt […]

Christmas: The Cutest Felt Wreath of All

My daughter has this thing called Market Day at school. It happens, oh… 4 times a year. The kids in grades 3, 4, and 5 earn Market Day money throughout the year. For Market Day the kids bring in hand-crafted items of unimaginable kind. I missed the one right before Christmas break because… Uh… WellbecauseIamabadmom.OK?! […]