Ain’t no party like a rock-out for baby bottoms party!

Once a upon a time there was a husband. He was a husband who loved music and his guitar. A husband who was very talented in his guitar-ness and sang like someone who was really awesome at singing. That husband was also a father who needed to work and earn a real living rather than […]

Raise the Woof – A service dog for 7 year-old Faith

Dear friends, Meet Faith… Faith is the daughter of @minivangirl & @justplainj. Guess where I met them? On Twitter. Gotta love this here interwebzies. Well, their sweet 7 year old daughter, Faith, needs a service dog: A trained service dog costs in the neighborhood of $14,000 and we are a single income military family. With […]

Love Drop: The Smallest Deed is Better…

…than the grandest intention. I love this quote. Probably because I am a grand-intender by nature. But when I fall short (or FAIL) of accomplishing what I intend… long story short… discouragement bamboozles me, and I do nothing. Nada. Not the big… and not the small. Bamboozled. That blesses no one. Not others. Not me… […]

He Is Keeping Inventory

My son keeps inventory of his Halloween candy. Seriously. And how much does this make you want him to be your kid? Ah. Dorable. And if I showed you a picture of my sock drawer, you’d totally see where he gets it from. But I am too lazy to get up and take a picture […]