Pantone 448 C – The World’s Ugliest Color

The verdict is in. Pantone 448 C is the world’s ugliest color! A.K.A. Opaque Couché! I stumbled on this video on Facebook announcing this breaking news… At first I was all, “WHAT THE HECK? SPENDING MONEY ONE RESEARCHING THE UGLIEST COLOR?! FOOLS!!!” But I kept watching. I’m a sucker. I’m glad I did. No really, I […]

More about green than about the Irish…

Green has always been my favorite color. Well, aaaaaa favorite color. As a child, I think it was my favorite color because it was my Grandma’s favorite color. Now that I have more of a grip on my own likes and dislikes, I think green is still my first choice in the “favorite color” department. […]