My Favorite Holiday Tradition Happens in the Kitchen

My favorite holiday tradition is baking. I love baking and/or making sweet treats with my kids. Wait. I should qualify “with my kids”: Their *help* in the kitchen is rarely all that helpful, and at times it can be a bit messy and/or/and SLOW. However. I am realizing my kids’ favorite tradition is making holiday […]

Me and Coffee and My Public

I am picking myself up. Dusting off my knees. Moving on from my last post. Hugs and love to those who commented, texted, emailed and FB messaged. I am blessed to have such lovely people in my life… So. Here’s a picture – to stand in the gap as I dust myself off and try […]

It’s safe to come to my house for coffee again.

Let me tell you something about me: I don’t “do” fat free nor sugar free. Well, sugar free with the exception of Coke Zero. I’m all over Coke Zero like stir-up pants on legs in the 80’s. Otherwise… gimme fat and sugar… and also muffin top. *holds up sword of principles* *arms jiggle* But I […]

The Art of Deciding

Everyday, we are forced to make decisions. From the moment we first open our eyes our deciders get to work… For example the other evening I set 2 alarms for the next morning… just in case. It was my last decision of that day… When I heard the alarm the next morning I decided to get […]

Storytelling: Looking for Inspiration in the Everyday

I am a firm believer that stories are everywhere. But sometimes – and more recently – oftentimes… life gets so full, or chaotic, or stressful… the stories are hard to see. Writer’s block exacerbated by life chaos? Perhaps. I wonder, though, if it is more a general mind-block… Mental (or creative) constipation, if you will. How’s […]

We’re saving trees!!! (A.K.A. Pasta stir sticks)

A local coffee house provides a green-alternative to those tiny black (and sometimes red) stirring straws… pasta noodles (linguini?)! Recently, I took my children and a couple of their friends to the coffee shop with the pasta stir sticks. The kids started grabbing almost-handfuls full. Of course they did. I chided, “Kids. Stop. You’re wasting!” […]

The First Day of School: Like I wouldn’t write about it.

I know, I know… the internet is abuzz with “the first day of school” updates. You have probably had your fill. But I just feel I would be remiss if I didn’t join in on all the bragging news-sharing. I mean… my kids. They are CUUUUTE. You try and not post about such cuteness. I. […]

Nail Polish, Hand Soap and Subtraction: Just Another Friday [Video]

It all started innocently enough… I stood at my bathroom counter and faced a question… get one hand fully nail polished, or half-way complete two hands. And I wondered, what would my people do? And then I thought – I’ll make a video! But first I need to refill my hand soap… and this is […]

Brew-Lanthropy Project – A Coffee Makeover and More

Y’all know I love me my coffee. You know what I love even more? Doing good. Even more than that? Doing good with coffee! And it looks like Seattle’s Best Coffee has come up with a good one – the Brew-Lanthropy Project. Do you know of a non-profit whose efforts should be rewarded with a […]

I Want to Walk on The Clouds!

I remember when I was a little girl. I DREAMED of being able to dance on the clouds. To prance and swoosh and spin in the light clouds. It never occurred to me that were I to step out of a plane onto a fat, white cloud… I would fall to a certain death. My […]