Acorn Fall Box: Feat. My Morning Ritual, Lists, and Halloween Candy

I woke up the other morning, as I do on mornings. I wake up. I woke up before the children to get me my Me Time. *This is an Acorn Influence sponsored story, featuring items from their Acorn Fall Box. This story and opinion is mine, all mine. My early-morning Me Time includes (but is not […]

Puppies, martinis with bunny ears, the Hard Rock Cafe, and my campers return

It hasn’t even been a week since I returned from Chicago and the BlogHer conference. I still haven’t finished the post I started writing about leaning in with with Sheryl Sandberg. Nor the post I have started about all the friends I saw while in Chicago. Instead, I’ve been trying to keep this girl entertained while […]

Green Mountain Coffee, Keurig and How to Brew A Better Day

Thank you to Green Mountain Coffee for sponsoring this article. Click here to visit Green Mountain Coffee to learn how you can “brew a better day.” Green Mountain Coffee, Keuring and How to Brew A Better Day It’s no secret. I’m a coffee fan. I think the word “fan” is even a conservative way to […]

50 Shades of ID: What is YOUR Shade of Coffee?

Are you a “little coffee with my creamer(er)” kind-of person? I sure am. Do you know what kind of SHADE of coffee you are? From the looks of it, I think I’m a Tingling Sensations kinda-girl… Number 35, people. 35. That was a good age. I digress…   I mix my International Delight with strong […]

Be a Barista at Home! The Verismo by Starbucks: Espresso at Home

Be a Barista at Home! With the Verismo by Starbucks you can make your own espresso at home! If you know me (which is not hard to do, I over share)… you know I love me my coffee. It’s a reflex. Over-sharing. And drinking coffee. Hitherhencetofore, my newest obsession with the Verismo by Starbucks. Espresso […]

Camping with the family… And also CAMP COFFEE!!!

We went camping recently. A quick trip… 2 nights. Not too far away. But it was camping nonetheless. To be completely honest… I really like camping. I like the adventure of it. But I also like a campground with showers and toilets. Personally, I prefer not using the FACILITREES. But we do tent camp… not […]

Coffee is SPECIAL to me! And International Delight…

Honestly, every moment I have with coffee is special. When I wake-up: SPECIAL When I need a mid-afternoon pick-me-up: SPECIAL When I am taking a quiet moment: SPECIAL When I want to hold my cute polka-dot mug: SPECIAL When I’m blogging: SPECIAL Aaaaand when I turn my cup-o-drip into a caramel macchiato? Uhhhhhh… SPECIAL! Being […]

I have a complaint. It’s about coffee mugs. (VLOG!)

Have you ever noticed how coffee mugs are biased. They favor the lefties. See? If I have a fun mug with a picture or something fun, I DON’T NEED TO SEE IT. I KNOW WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE?! What about the people I am having coffee with? I think we right-handers need to unite and […]

If you are what you drink…

Then I must be SEXAY. *rubs belly* Happy Friday and may a cup of sexy coffee pass your lips this weekend. Or tea. I know not everyone likes coffee. Or cake. Or ice cream Or asparagus? These crispy parmesan asparagus sticks sure look sexy. Just sayin’… xoxo, JOtS *Speaking of coffee… there is still some […]

Dunkin Donuts is in the Coffee Business

UPDATE: Fact: I don’t have a Dunkin Donuts near me. Fact: As far as my bent toward not being able to reisist baked-goods goes… this fact is probably not so bad. Fact: Dunkin Donuts is also in the coffee business… Dunkin’ Donuts Coffee at Grocery. Fact: You can find it at your local grocery store! Here’s […]