Hard Cherry Cider and Bourbon Cocktail

I came across this drink… the Cherry Bomb Bourbon Whiskey. Hard Cherry Cider and Bourbon Cocktail But it’s winter and I couldn’t find cherries, so I went with what I had, therefore this Hard Cherry Cider and Bourbon Cocktail recipe. What I did have was Luxardo maraschino cherries.   If you have not tried Luxardo cherries (affiliate […]

Valentine Drink: The Sparkling Valentini

Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day. VALENTINE DRINKS Valentine’s Day a big deal to some. Not a big deal to others. And others blame commercialism, grumble, and ignore the day altogether. I approach Valentine’s Day with a healthy dose of, “OOOOH HEARTS!” and “CRAP. I GOTTA THINK OF SOMETHING.” I like the idea of it… […]

Cocktail Time: A Black Cow #2!

If you caught this Monday Minute post… and made it near the end of that long-ish video you might be aware that June 10th is National Black Cow Day! (How to Make a Black Cow #2) Apparently… a Black Cow is a root beer float. Vanilla ice cream and root beer. A brown cow (in […]