PROOF: I can clean!

I thought it’d be fun if I made a time lapse video of cleaning my office. CLEARLY I HAVE LOST ALL COMPREHENSION OF WHAT IS FUN. #1 – CLEANING IS NOT FUN #2 – WATCHING someone clean is ALSO NOT FUN. But I did capture my progress anyway, because once I get an idea in […]

In Which Cleaning = HAPPY. I’M SERIOUS.

So. For quite some time I had been dating… casually… select items from a cleaning product line. Maybe you’ve heard of METHOD? I have recently had the opportunity to take my relationship with Method to the next level… not unlike the coveted hometown visit on The Bachelor. Except there were no awkward interrogations conversations with […]


OK. Maybe that title is a TAD bit DRAMATIC. But. Here I am… house-bound… ish. Due to snow. I am left wondering… what to write… what to write… Do I write about the snow? See? SNOW. See? KID IN SNOW. I could go on forever about the snow. But I won’t today. That’s so… so… […]

Christmas Finds in August

I confess. It is August and I still have Christmas decorations up. However unintentional. Last year, when I was decorating for Christmas, I found a Christmas pillow – THAT WAS OUT ALL YEAR. The other day I was doing a hardcore cleaning because I was hosting a baby shower. This time I found a snowman […]