Embroidery Hoop Holiday Wreath {DIY}

  *Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase. PRO TIP: YOU DON’T HAVE TO KNOW HOW TO EMBROIDER MAKE IMPRESSIVE CREATIVE USE OF AN EMBROIDERY HOOP!   Embroidery Hoop Holiday Wreath DIY Did […]

A DIY Vlog: How to Make a Ribbon Christmas Tree!

Here ya go, folks… it’s a DIY vlog! Are you ready? Make your own ribbon Christmas tree! A DIY ribbon Christmas tree, whaaaat?!! Just in time to deck your halls so you can go ahead and make your own! Or in my case – to get severely burned by my glue gun.. One day I was […]

Confession: Best If Used By… and some words on homemade pie crust.

This is my confession… The label read, “Best if used by JUNE 2002” This is a bottle of ground cloves… that would have been best used TEN YEARS STINKING AGO. IN MY DEFENSE: At least it wasn’t MEAT. That’s all I got. I don’t make pumpkin pie every day, people! Or every year, for that […]

May your days be merry and bright…

Like, for reals. I’m not even kidding. May your days be merry and bright! And sparkly! Not so much sparkly in a Ke$ha sorta way… but sparkly in a child’s eye sorta way. This last week, or 2, or many months…. have been filled with lots of ups and downs… personally and beyond. I try […]

You know… just busy taking naps and pictures of slippers

I had to tie my fingers together so as not to title this post A VERY SPECIAL JOTS CHRISTMAS RECAP AND WHATHAVEYOU. But I didn’t want my friend Tarrant to have to scratch her eyeballs out. *My gift to you, Tarrant* And as much as I am trying not to add to the one bajillion blog […]

Christmas: The Cutest Felt Wreath of All

My daughter has this thing called Market Day at school. It happens, oh… 4 times a year. The kids in grades 3, 4, and 5 earn Market Day money throughout the year. For Market Day the kids bring in hand-crafted items of unimaginable kind. I missed the one right before Christmas break because… Uh… WellbecauseIamabadmom.OK?! […]

The Teacher Gift

I think I am most “on the spot” when it comes to my blogging. I think I am a planner at heart, but temper that with REALITY and you get posts about teachers gifts and Christmas projects not in time for it to be of any help to YOU (assuming you love my ideas and […]

Holiday Cards, Personalized Gifts & a Giveaway from Stationery Market!

*Contest closed and winner announcement at end of post* Are you ready? Have you ordered? I’m talkin’ about HOLIDAY CARDS. Don’t hate me… but… my cards are ready. I made them at Stationery Market! BOOM!   Oh I had fun playing around with my card options!!! Clearly, we had a mud theme going on. I found […]

"It was fun believing."

My 11 year-old son doesn’t believe in Santa anymore. He figured it out about a year ago two years ago… more, probably. I don’t really want to know… *maternal weeping* The same with the Tooth Fairy… Now when he looses a tooth he hands it over and says, “You owe me.” We laaaaaaaauuuuuuugh….. Recently Joel […]

Christmas Finds in August

I confess. It is August and I still have Christmas decorations up. However unintentional. Last year, when I was decorating for Christmas, I found a Christmas pillow – THAT WAS OUT ALL YEAR. The other day I was doing a hardcore cleaning because I was hosting a baby shower. This time I found a snowman […]