Dads are Pretty Rad…as are $100 Gift Card Giveaways!

My dad lives about 1,400 miles away. This means we don’t get to hang out a whole bunch. Which is not awesome. But when we do… what do we do? We joke around. We don’t go hiking. Or white water rafting. Or play bingo… But we DO make fun of each other. We used to […]

Holiday Cards, Personalized Gifts & a Giveaway from Stationery Market!

*Contest closed and winner announcement at end of post* Are you ready?┬áHave you ordered? I’m talkin’ about HOLIDAY CARDS. Don’t hate me… but… my cards are ready. I made them at Stationery Market! BOOM!   Oh I had fun playing around with my card options!!! Clearly, we had a mud theme going on. I found […]