The GMC Acadia Denali: My Car For A Week

A week or so ago my family got to enjoy a special treat. We were the proud borrowers of a GMC Acadia Denali for an entire week. That whole week felt sexy because of it. I mean, lest you forget our usual ride is the standard-issue minivan. Nothing against the minivan, but you guys… The […]

Ladies and Gentlemen… I give to you… The 2013 Honda Accord Line-Up!

A few weeks ago I packed up my bags and headed to Santa Barbara. *cue celestial harp* And it was there I got to meet the new 2013 Honda Accord line-up… Honda’s ninth generation of Accords – the Sedan, the Coupe *sexy whistle*, and the plug-in hybrid *go green!*. The coupe and sedan are coming […]