DIY: Galvanized Poultry Feeder Becomes Candy Dispenser – BOOM!

I cannot take credit for this little gem. My friend Andrea is the mastermind. I went to one of her parties one time and I won a galvanized poultry feeder and mason jar filled with Jelly Bellies! A POULTRY FEEDER? You ask… YOU *WON* A POULTRY FEEDER, JENNY? Did I stutter?… A POULTRY FEEDER FILLED […]

He Is Keeping Inventory

My son keeps inventory of his Halloween candy. Seriously. And how much does this make you want him to be your kid? Ah. Dorable. And if I showed you a picture of my sock drawer, you’d totally see where he gets it from. But I am too lazy to get up and take a picture […]