We Saw No Vampires While Camping in Forks. But LOTS of Rain.

My family loves to camp. But it takes great effort. You know… pulling out the camping gear and whathaveyou. The act of camping, or leading up to the act takes some planning. And time. Hitherhencetofore, we don’t camp as often as we’d like. But we really do like it. That’s why I was all, “GUYS. […]

Camping with the family… And also CAMP COFFEE!!!

We went camping recently. A quick trip… 2 nights. Not too far away. But it was camping nonetheless. To be completely honest… I really like camping. I like the adventure of it. But I also like a campground with showers and toilets. Personally, I prefer not using the FACILITREES. But we do tent camp… not […]

Cycling: This May or May NOT Be About Riding A Bike

Let’s just cut to the chase. I’m a woman. There are many things about me that confirm this fact, one being something that happens every month. MY CYCLE. “Aunt Flo”. *insert your clever quip here* Note: Did you ever read A Tent Outside the City? YOU SHOULD. This is kind-of a “part 2”. Men, I […]

The FaciliTREES & Camping

So. Earlier this month I had the distinct pleasure of joining my daughter and her classmates at outdoor camp. And this is my story… *Insert Law and Order donk-donk sound here*. It. Was. HORRIBLE. Simply. HORRIBLE. All that being in nature. A lake. Trees. A waterfall… Dangerous trail after dangerous trail… Canoeing…. SUCH torture, right???! […]