Have you ever thought about the definition of the word FREE?

Free: adjective \ˈfrē\ –  given without consideration of  a return or reward. In the blogging industry, that word, FREE, gets thrown around a lot. FREE STUFF. We hear comments like, “You’re so lucky. You get FREE stuff!” I don’t mind hearing that so much from people who really don’t know better. How would the average Jill or […]

BEING busy is different than GETTIN’ busy: An iCal invite

My amends in advance. I realize the following post might be a bit racier in content than my usual talk of peonies, or dog vomit, or coffee… But folks. If I can’t talk about married sex up here on mah blawg, then… To be clear… This post is about sex. In case it was unclear […]

My Own PSA on Businesses that Make Profile Pages

I am so tired of getting friend requests from businesses on Facbeook (AND BLOGS). I am irritated… INCENSED even. Hitherhencetofore, a video PSA in which I explain why. I also use the word “stupid”. I may seem harsh, but I am will to stand by my own side if fire comes from this. And I […]