The Moms View Live, and a trip to Chicago for blogging things.

I am typing this from the airport… because I am all plannery like that. I am heading to Chicago for BlogHer 13 where I’ll be speaking on a panel and seeing my internet friends and doing that really loud “SQUEEEEEE” until my voice wears away. This was me at BlogHer LAST year with my friend […]

Pinch Me: Kickin’ It. With the Rockettes. Literally.

First of all… let me just say this… It is impossible for me to ever become a Rockette. Not because of skill. Nor lack there-of. I CAN DANCE. Nor drive. I AM AN ENDURANCE MANIAC! *exeption: childbirth* I will never become a Rockette because at age *none of your business, but ond enough to sprout […]

4 Women + 5 Days in NYC = HOW MANY PAIRS OF SHOES???

Oh, about 25. Give or take. Our feet will never be the same. MAD LOVE to my wonderful BlogHer 12 roomies – Amy of Mom Spark, Haley of Love, Life, Family and Then Some, and Tamara of MomRN! ******** Never miss a thing! Get JOTS latest adventures via email or in your blog reader. Are you […]

Vlogging: More Tips (A BlogHer Conference Video Blogging U Follow-up)

Last week at BlogHer I spoke on a panel with Carley of DigiTwirl and Corinne of Craftovision. I didn’t get a picture of us together (FAIL), but I DID get a picture of me with my microphone! And people. The room was PACKED! Word on the street is that many were turned away. Not unlike […]

An Amends and Unicorn Cakes and Strapping Young Men

I’m am SO sorry. I have not been a good web hostess. I left early-to-the-early last Thursday to attend the BlogHer Conference… and got back late last night (if you are reading this in 2022, that would be Aug. 4-8, 2011… Thu-Mon… A LONG time for mommy to be away… bless my husband’s heart… he […]

VLOGGING. Not to be confused with FLOGGING or CLOGGING

I enter, say… a coffee shop. I strike up a conversation with a fellow coffee consumer (my words in italics): Hey. Hey. What’s your name? Jenny. What’s yours? Pat. *both look at feet and/or mobile devices* Waitin’ for your coffee, ehh? Uh, me? Yeah. I like coffee… The riveting conversation continues… So. What do you do? […]

Who's A Firework?

I started blogging in 2004. That almost makes me a “grandmother” in this family of blogging. A really YOUNG granny *ahemhem* However, I have wandered… Business? Pleasure? Hobby? Addiction? There are women (OK, me too, sheesh!) who have been blogging just a year or two, and I feel sheepish. The fruit of my nearly 7 […]

On the Road Again…

It’s planes, ferries and automobiles again. Yay economy class! Last December we drove to Colorado to visit family for Christmas. And we had to go to urgent care, and I saw this creative use for a swine flu mask. I should make another video… Stick with me… I will get to my point.

So You Want To Start Vlogging or Simply Do More?

I have been working on a little vlogging series. The bulk of the content is housed over at BlogHer, but I wanted to get a cute little ribbon and tie the first 4 up in one easy-to-reference post here. I will link to each original post because even though I think each video pretty much […]