Brands and Bloggers: My Advice to Brands #blogfrogrocks

Hi. My name is Jenny and I am a blogger. Clearly. Bloggers wear moustaches. When I first started working with brands, it felt a bit like aiming at a target while blindfolded. I had no idea what I was doing, and many of the companies/PR firms I was talking to were trying to figure it […]

Have you ever thought about the definition of the word FREE?

Free: adjective \ˈfrē\ –  given without consideration of  a return or reward. In the blogging industry, that word, FREE, gets thrown around a lot. FREE STUFF. We hear comments like, “You’re so lucky. You get FREE stuff!” I don’t mind hearing that so much from people who really don’t know better. How would the average Jill or […]

Blogging Advice From A Friend {Guest Post by Denise in Bloom}

Dear friends, This is my friend Denise. You may know her as Denise in Bloom. I am tickled and blessed to know her as both. Denise was my friend before we had the interwebz in common. To be honest, to have a local friend who I can talk the talk with has been SO STINCKIN’ […]

Make We Laugh Monday: Handerpants

I went Christmas shopping recently. On account of the fact that Christmas is EMINENT. *insert code blue here* *and also wild, desperate eyes* *No… WILDER* *WIL. DER.* I went into a shop that my accessory-adoring heart has developed deep feelings for. In that shop I find hats and scarves and earrings and funny cards and […]

Makes A Mommy Blogger Proud…

I helped my daughter with her blog this weekend. I walked her through the process of uploading a picture to her posts. Finally. For a post about Thanksgiving. I found this note in my inbox a few days later… Of all the awesome… My girl. Not only do we share a love of accessories, but […]

A Few Words on Parenting and Blogging and Also Me

I get asked lots of questions about blogging, which I now see is a series of posts in and of itself… all of which have been done in many ways, shapes and forms by other bloggers across the interwebz. But we all have our own voice, philosophy and way we breakdown any number of “101” […]