13… No…. Let’s start with 6 Things About #Blissdom.

In this post I will share¬†13¬†6 Things About Blissdom. Why 6? See #1 1) I don’t have a plan for this post, so… I actually have no idea how many points I’ll be able to come up with, but since I am a wordy sort-of blogger, I am going to assume a 13 point post […]

Conference Roomie Tips from My Blissdom 2013 Roomies Themselves!

In less than 2 weeks I will be flying out to Dallas, along with roughly 800 others (I actually don’t have an attendee count, so don’t quote me… aaaaand not EVERYONE is flying, but in an effort to be less wordy… I stink at less words. CLEARLY.)… What was I saying? In less than 2 […]

In Observance of Last Night’s American Country Music Awards

Since Rascal FLatts performed at the CMAs last night, I thought I’d share a couple pictures of them with you. But not just pictures I pulled from a Google search. NOOOOOOO. My OWN pictures. Because that is WAY better. I went to Blissdom – in NASHVILLE in January. And when one is in Nashville, and […]

It’s been fun, but GOOD WORD I miss my family…

Sure… Harrison Ford and I had some good times… SURE… the Lorax and I got to be cool and be chill… SURE… I got *this close* to Joe Jonas… And *that close* to Rascal Flatts… Even closer really… but someone else took the picture of me WITH them. And I don’t know where to find […]

Who's A Firework?

I started blogging in 2004. That almost makes me a “grandmother” in this family of blogging. A really YOUNG granny *ahemhem* However, I have wandered… Business? Pleasure? Hobby? Addiction? There are women (OK, me too, sheesh!) who have been blogging just a year or two, and I feel sheepish. The fruit of my nearly 7 […]

Favorite Things Friday: Here, There and Everywhere!

It’s been a bit busy lately… I recently had someone ask, “So. What’re you up to today?” My mind raced… “Do I say I have 2 posts due, a class to prepare to teach, a video to finish editing… or just mention I’ll be helping out in one of the kids’ classrooms…” I tend to […]

10(ish) Signs that One Had a BLISSful Time at a Blog Conference

I figured I’d create a “top ten” list (give or take), since people seem to like top ten lists. But in random order because, is there any other way??? When one returns from a conference, swag is not the only thing that goes home… There are signs that Bliss was had… – Blackmail pictures of […]

Flashmob at Blissdom 2011, ya'll!!!

The talented Jana of Sugar, Spice and a little bit of Life pulled together quite a group. Dear Jana, I love you. Mentor me. NINETY women… (and a Mann wearing one sparkle glove!). A secret Facebook group. Wave planning. Instructional videos posted to the secret Facebook page… Practice videos posted to inspire and also crack […]