My Lucy… My Birthday Girl

Happy, HAPPY 11th birthday, my Lucy. Happy birthday! How many times can I tell you I love you? How many times can I tell you I am proud of you? But then, can we ever really tell each other that kind-of stuff enough? So this is my chance to get it down, and get it […]


My son. My first born. 14 years ago. Whoa. On your 14th birthday morning, you and I descended the stairs together. I reminisced, “Fourteen years ago today… at this very moment… I was in the BIGGEST pain of my life. The nurse had to yell at me to calm down.” I will never let you […]

She’s 8.

8 years ago today, 10 pounds and 5 ounces of joy was birthed into my world. My youngest. My youngest is 8, and when *they* say *it* goes by fast… *they* are not lying. Oh my heck. Lucy means light. I deeply believe that Lucy lives up to her name. She has boundless energy with […]

I Am Going to Run 400 Miles This Year.

I am. I am going to run 400 miles this year.  400 to “celebrate” the onset of my 4th decade of life, shall we say… Unless…. I break my legs. I digress. Speaking of digressing, HAVE YOU SEEN MY NEW YOUTUBE CHANNEL? Well, my channel isn’t new, but the design is. I am tickled to […]

Sickness, Pepperoni Face, Slow Internets, a Purple Star Fish, Hood Canal and whathaveyou

You know when you are going through a week and you know it’s busy, but then you sit down on Sunday night and upload an insane amount of pictures *raises fist to recent discover of the SPORTS setting on camera* and you realize… WOW. That WAS a week. Or two. Because this note was actually […]

The last post before IT happens.

Not to make this post all about me… Let’s start over. Um. How about that aging, ehh? Well, the calendar and historic records say tomorrow marks the first day of the last year of my thirties. PRACTICALLY THE WORST DAY OF MY LIFE. Which causes me great distress and angst. Little background… It was even […]

Taking a moment…

My “baby”… this kid: Turned 12 today. Punk kid. I need to take a moment. I don’t know which is harder, realizing I am old enough to have a 12 year old or realizing I am old enough to have a 12 year old the fact that my “baby” is not a baby. Punk kid. […]

My Girl

From this… to this… My. Girl. 6 years old. I am dumbfounded. My baby is 6. No more preschool. No more diaper bags. No more teething toys… But you are still waiting for that first tooth to fall out. You are SO full of life. So creative. So driven. So carefree… yet opinionated. “Lucy” means […]

Wordless Wednesday – With Words

Lucy is 5. Her birthday is in early March + we live near Seattle = if we wear sundresses to hunt for Easter eggs, we risk getting frost bite on our noses and toes-es. Lucy brought me the above picture the other day and asked, For my next birthday, can I have a SUNNY day? […]