My Favorite Snack: Bread, Bananas and the Peanut Butter

Well, not “favorite” in a chocolate decadence sort-of way… Rather, “favorite” in an, “I am counting calories and really need something other than celery and water” sort of way. LIKE, I REALLY NEED SOMETHING BESIDES CELERY, but I cannot ingest the┬áchocolate torte drizzled with caramel and sprinkled with sea salt. I mean I COULD ingest […]

Give a kid a hot dog (and permission to microwave it…)

Have you ever given your 6 year old permission to cook her own hot dog in the microwave? You know… since she knows her numbers and all… 44 seconds. She knows how to press the number 4. Twice. Right? I gave her a nod of permission to proceed with her culinary feat… She INSISTED she […]