Five Tips for Great Hair on a Budget!

I have seldom met a woman NOT on a budget. Five Tips for Great Hair on a Budget Some of y’all may have bigger budgets than others, but MOST of us have to stick to a budget. And lady friends… I don’t know if it’s me (more high-maintenance) or the market, but self-care can be […]

Green Mountain Coffee, Keurig and How to Brew A Better Day

Thank you to Green Mountain Coffee for sponsoring this article. Click here to visit Green Mountain Coffee to learn how you can “brew a better day.” Green Mountain Coffee, Keuring and How to Brew A Better Day It’s no secret. I’m a coffee fan. I think the word “fan” is even a conservative way to […]

3 Things I Would Tell My Teenage Self (VIDEO!)

If I could go back in time and tell my teenage self 3 things, I would tell me… Hmmmm… How about a little background? I am part of a vlogging moms group and have been for quite some time and they have this thing they do… a weekly question-of-sorts and I am never able to […]

Brands and Bloggers: My Advice to Brands #blogfrogrocks

Hi. My name is Jenny and I am a blogger. Clearly. Bloggers wear moustaches. When I first started working with brands, it felt a bit like aiming at a target while blindfolded. I had no idea what I was doing, and many of the companies/PR firms I was talking to were trying to figure it […]

Introduce Vegetable Before Fruits: Mom to Mom-to-Be

I ran into the coffee shop. Rather, I was RUN into the coffee shop. By my children. CAFFEINATE OR DIE… caffeinate or die, friends. I paid for my triple grande iced white chocolate mocha – easy on the white chocolate. No whip. *Side note: I only like white chocolate mochas that are made with white […]

Tips for Airline Travel with Children {Guest Post by Michelle of Falafel and the Bee!}

My Michelle. She is a most wonderful woman. Creative. Funny. Highly allergic. I met Michelle probably close to two hands worth of fingers ago. She has become a very dear friend. Out youngests have forged a very sweet relationship. Our youngests… during one of their first playdates. I remember this day like it was yesterday… […]

Household Challenge: Managing Time

EEK. Time management? To loosely apply something that Mr. Furious from Mystery Men said, when opening-up a topic such as time management it can be a “…Pantera’s box you do not wanna open.” But you know what, we don’t really have a choice, now do we? Who reading here right now has enough time? *crickets […]

iVoices Speak Out: The Royal Wedding

England’s Royal Wedding is this Friday… Which means there will be a cute new royal couple skipping about the royal castle! Always being on top of current events, the iViilage iVoices team saw an opportunity. An opportunity for dispensing WISDOM. Of course they asked me to be a wisdom dispenser. What? I have opinions and […]

So You Want To Start Vlogging or Simply Do More?

I have been working on a little vlogging series. The bulk of the content is housed over at BlogHer, but I wanted to get a cute little ribbon and tie the first 4 up in one easy-to-reference post here. I will link to each original post because even though I think each video pretty much […]