Yet Another Unboxing: Rocksbox Premium Jewelry Subscription Box

Some people say they were born in the wrong decade… Some think they are a 50’s sock-hopper at heart. Or a hippie. Or a flapper. I kind-of think I was born smack-dab at the right time: electricity, heated seats, automatic doors on minivans, and a Bubba Gump-esque-level of subscription services… but instead of shrimp gumbo […]

Missoni at Target (alternately titled: What Hole Have I Been Living Under?)

Missoni at Target. I’m talkin’ about Missoni and Target dresses, even a Target patio set… but Missoni. Missoni shoes… kid shoes, ladies shoes, accessories, bags and purses. Missoni, Missoni, Missoni. Marsha, Marsha, Marsha! And I was all, “Miss-who?” I guess it was kinda a big deal. Missoni launch crashes Target Web site, spreads mayhem (source […]

What To Wear: Tech Toys Need Accessorizing Too!

I recently secured an iPad. I am the proud owner of an iPhone (iPrecious, name cred to Kearsie). I also have my own iLaptop. *iahem* *iFamily* *icough* Just as I appreciate a delightful necklace… scarf upon scarf upon scarf… or a spritz of glitter spray… I have fast-become a fan of the notion that my […]