Go 80's or Go Home

I’m kidding. But if you want to get that, like totally awesome 80’s look, here are a few tips: Necklaces, like totally. Like, totally cool leggings or tights. Accessorize, accessorize, like totally accessorize… Like, layer. Especially if you have something that sparkles. Yeah, like so much. Like, gag me with a spoon if you don’t […]

I know you're jeal'

I mean, like, how many people can upstage a microwave? I. KNOW. I betcha didn’t even notice the microwave. I am THAT good. Deuces. P.S. I’m gonna start saying, “Deuces”. To me it means PEACE + BOOM. For the mathy, let me show this in an equation: PEACE + BOOM = DEUCES, yo. P.P.S. You […]