The Monday Minute: Beauty Product Recommendations

*This post may contain affiliate or referral links. There is no cost to you for using them. It just means I receive credit for sharing the love. It’s Monday, and therefore… The Monday Minute and Beauty Product Recommendations (among other things). In today’s Monday Minute I shared a few items I am loving right now. […]

The Monday Minute: LIVE Crafting Fun with Gerbera Daisies!

Oh boy LIVE CRAFTING! This was a first for me… LIVE CRAFTING! We had some fun with gerbera daisies. At least I did! I first shared this craft on my blog a number of years ago here: DIY Daisy Pots. This is such a fun, pretty easy, and fairly inexpensive craft that is HIGHLY giftable, […]

The Monday Minute: Dope Beauty Product Recommendations

It’s Monday, so that means… the Monday Minute! The MM is where it’s always Monday, but never just one minute! It is my opportunity to help make “a case of the Mondays” a GOOD thing! In today’s video I shared some dope beauty product recommendations. I am sharing the links here and some may be […]

The Monday Minute: Cheater Paella

The Monday Minute: Cheater Paella It’s Monday, so that means… Monday Minute… where it’s always Monday, but never just one minute! As I mentioned above, in today’s Monday Minute I reveal a very special secret… CHEATER PAELLA! If you are one of the Faithful (oooh, sounds so exclusive and cult-ish!), you know sometimes the Monday […]

The Monday Minute – Getting Rid of Fruit Flies & Other Things

Hey guys! The Monday Minute – Getting Rid of Fruit Flies & Other Things Sounds like a good time to me! Herefollows the latest installment of The Monday Minute (or two, in shich I try to help make a “case of the Mondays” a GOOD thing!)… If you do take the time to watch all […]

The Monday Minute – National Waffle Day!

Howdy friends! National Waffle Day is this week you guys!!! Happy Monday. School hasn’t started here, but it feels almost like it has since all the extra-curricular rehearsals and practices have already begun. I’m sure most of you have seen my PULL FORWARD video, but just in case, here it is again for your easy […]

The Monday Minute: The Merry Go Round and Tequila

Oh friends…. we have quite a week to look forward to! Including but not limited to some merry-go-round fun!!! Yep… it is going to be quite a week indeed! On Monday, you can take the edge off with some tequila! If you’re under 21, you can take the edge off with one of those *Izze […]

Monday Minute : Obscure History Moments

Monday greetings to my Monday friends! The subtitle of today’s Monday Minute is “Obscure History Moments with Jenny”. Because there are a couple of obscure day observations this week that have interesting little history stories attached. But friends! It’s time to rise up from what I hope has been a great weekend, into what I […]

Monday Minute: National Days for The Coming Week

So much excitement this week with the upcoming National Days. Sure… you may have vacation to look forward to, or dinner with your in-laws. Or maybe you are looking forward to someone’s birthday party, or time to reading the latest People magazine. But if you don’t have those things or anything else to look for […]

The Monday Minute: The Hot Flash

Well guys. It happened. The hot flash. On camera. Sure. I could have edited it out. But if I did then I wouldn’t be being real. And right now, hot flashes are MY LIFE. Am I too young to be getting hot flashes? ABSOLUTELY. But hormones have a will that bend to nothing. And if […]