Things I’m Really Into Right Now, feat. Cotton Swabs

I am really into things. These are the things I’m really into right now. A.K.A. #TIRIRN It’s mostly a.k.a #TIRIRN to me, but you know how it is. Hashtagging and whathaveyou. It is also something I am into. But enough blathering… here is the 10th installment of #TIRIRN! So. What are YOU into right now? […]

Things I’m Really Into Right Now… Episode #3

When life is just off the rails with the everyday, and your middle child turns 13, and you feel like lots of stories surround you… but none feel like they are yours to tell… You may or may not end up talking about stuff. Just stuff. Hitherhencetofore… Things I’m Really Into Right Now. Like Orphan […]

Headbands of Hope: Spreading Hope & Funding Childhood Cancer Research

Happy Monday, friends!!! Today I am excited to share about a very sweet organization that is striving to make a difference in the lives of children with cancer and the field of childhood cancer. Headbands of Hope. September (this month!) is Childhood Cancer Awareness month. And while it is good to be aware, what do […]

Good Finds

This is where I share with you some things I have unearthed online. Unearthed online… hrm… Aaaaanywho. To inspire the heart (have tissue): Me and Mrs. P by Jenny at Cranberry Corner A note on parenting, filling cups and fulfilling dream: When My Cup Feels Empty by Me Rah Koh Goodness/Doing good: A Thanksgiving Dinner […]

The Art of Deciding

Everyday, we are forced to make decisions. From the moment we first open our eyes our deciders get to work… For example the other evening I set 2 alarms for the next morning… just in case. It was my last decision of that day… When I heard the alarm the next morning I┬ádecided to get […]

Diaper Drive to Benefit Operation Day of Hope

Diaper drive!!! Last year, I set-up at table at Central Market and along with my dear friend Lisa and my wonderful husband – we held a diaper drive to raise diapers for a local event – Operation Day of Hope… And guess what? I’M SETTING UP AGAIN!!! September 17th & 24th North Entrance of Central […]

Summer Reading Must: MeMeTales

*Updated 6.20.11: We have a winner! The win goes to comment #8… which belongs to Kerri – The Maven of Social Media! Congrats Kerri! ————————— Pronounced Mee-Mee Tales… MeMeTales is a reading tool for kids. And it is *say it with me*… AWESOME. It is available on the web, iPhone and iPod… and soon to […]

What to Wear Wednesday: Fabulous Shoes

Wait. It’s Thursday. Oh well. It’s Wednesday somewhere. Or it will be. Next week. SHOES. To be specific… FABULOUS SHOES. I met a woman recently… who happened to be wearing a most fabulous pair of shoes. This woman told me her shoe philosophy, Start with the shoes and work your way up. I love her. […]

There's this little guy named Sergey…

Let me go back a little. I have a friend named Meg. I met Meg last November. In Chicago Atlanta (thanks Meg, oy… brain fart). At an intimate conference through BlogHer and Coca Cola. We had a short period of time to get to know each other, but you know when you meet someone and […]

Happy Birthday to He.

  My Man. I love you. I love We. MY blessing. MY fullness. Without YOU… There would be no WE. And that is not happy. This is my wordy way of saying, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BABY… I am glad you were born. Like, a lot. So are the kids. You can see it in their sweet […]