The 22 Day Road Trip: The SO Excited BEFORE & Reeeeally Tired AFTER

This was our first family picture… about 5 miles into our 4,500 mile journey to the center of the earth: We are all pretty excited in this picture, here. Lucy especially. You can’t tell the other two are excited because I drive them nuts with my picture taking. I tell them in 20 years they […]

Romance & Marriage: A Use for Post-Its

This is a story about marriage… Marriage in real life. Sunday morning. He (The Husband – to be clear) was in bed. I was not… I was getting ready and furiously checking things off my very long list. Ownin’ the day and whathaveyou. Him: Hey baby. Why don’t you… you know… Come over here. Me: […]

BEING busy is different than GETTIN’ busy: An iCal invite

My amends in advance. I realize the following post might be a bit racier in content than my usual talk of peonies, or dog vomit, or coffee… But folks. If I can’t talk about married sex up here on mah blawg, then… To be clear… This post is about sex. In case it was unclear […]

A paternity test?

I’ve been feeling not-normal-ish lately. Some not-normal-ish has been reminiscent of times when I have had a bun in the oven ifyaknowwhatimean. A physical manifestation or two… An intense craving for pickled things. Seriously. I nearly tore my pantry apart looking for pickles or pickled jalepenos… I even pulled out vinegar (but put it back) […]

Happy Birthday to He.

  My Man. I love you. I love We. MY blessing. MY fullness. Without YOU… There would be no WE. And that is not happy. This is my wordy way of saying, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BABY… I am glad you were born. Like, a lot. So are the kids. You can see it in their sweet […]

Make Me Laugh Monday: My He

I’m talking about the/my Husband, a.k.a. – The Huz. We have a pretty special relationship. For example, if he asks, “Does this shirt make me look fat?” And I answer, “No, your fat neck makes you look fat…” We laaaaaaugh… He may or may not measure his neck. I have no idea. But I know […]

Mr. and Mrs. Independent

My Huz and I had a little conversation today yesterday. Time flies, no? We talked about our independent spirits… if you will. Basically, we both have a hard time with not being in supreme power delegation. We both agree, it is a pain in the butt to have to coordinate with others. It feels like […]

A "Boy" Crazy 6 Year Old

Oh. My. Goodness. I had the tele on today. Not the greatest options were available… The soap operas *yawn*… The talks shows *yammer*… So I opted for “retro” and let the channel rest on Emergency!… I haven’t see that show in as many years as I have on 4 hands. Aaaanynowhoooos… I looked up from […]

Sweet Sixteen – Happy Anniversary to We

16 years, ya’ll. The 16 years I had to wait to get my driver’s license seemed like FOREVER. So have the past 16 years. These last 16 years have FLOWN, ya’ll. And each has been filled with lots of marriage-type stuffs. I’m not gonna fluff it up. It’s effort. It’s concerted, mindful effort. And failure. […]

In Which My Husband is My Hero.

SNOW-mahgosh! La WA NiƱa has come to Western Washington! And we Pacific Northwesterlies were NOT prepared. My husband’s 3o minute trek home took 6 hours. We are soooo Little House on the Prairie like that. He waited for a bus that never showed. The bridge was closed. He walked 2 miles in snow. In his […]