The Confessional: This is how I prepare to pay the piper.

It happens every year. I dread this time of year all. year. long. Everytime I drive by one of those guys wearing a Statue of Libery costume, flippin’ a “We do your taxes so you don’t have to” sign… my stomach churns and I get chest pains. Don’t we wish I was exaggerating. Chest pains. […]

Confession: My sparkly water addiction

I love sparkling water. Perrier, San Pellegrino… sparkle, sparkle! But living here in the PNW (Pacific NorthWET), we have Talking Rain. And I am so much a sparkling water lover that, well… one might call me a sommelier of sparkling water: San Pellegrino has super tiny bubbles… Perrier bubbles are a bit bigger… Talking Rain […]

I have a confession. It’s about blueberries.

I do not like blueberries. I don’t. I have always known deep down that I am not a blueberry fan, but I think I have been in some sort of denial. I mean, what normal, healthy, American woman doesn’t like blueberries? Me. Well, unless they are in muffins. Or a danish. Or pancakes. Or blueberry […]

The last post before IT happens.

Not to make this post all about me… Let’s start over. Um. How about that aging, ehh? Well, the calendar and historic records say tomorrow marks the first day of the last year of my thirties. PRACTICALLY THE WORST DAY OF MY LIFE. Which causes me great distress and angst. Little background… It was even […]

The Confessional: I give my kids sugar cereal.

I confess.┬áSee this box: It’s a box-o Lucky Charms. I have a picture of it here in this post because I have this box in my home. Folks. Friends… Cast ye judgment aside lest ye cast yon first stone…. This is not the first time I have brought sugar cereal into my home. Alas and […]

Patience: The Slipperiest of Virtues (a confession, of sorts)

It’s true, no? ANSWER ME. NOW. See? So slippery… that patience. Alternate title: Patience is Like a Water Snake I confess. I am an impatient soul. I can’t wait. To buy. To react. To pee. My issues with patience rear their ugliest heads (a 14-headed water snake?) when I have to wait. *blink blink* At […]

This was going to be a Facebook status update, but it turned into a blog post.

I cut and pasted instead of posting on the FB: Unrelated or not unrelated to my last post… some people test my strength of character. Like the part of my character where I only make fun of stupid people behind their backs. What? Like you don’t. Some people make it very hard for me to […]

The Confessional: I bought 12 tubs of body butter

I did. You see, a couple of days ago I went to Sephora to buy another tub of my favey-favorite body butter/cream/lotion. Coconut Cream. Pretty much my signature scent. I looked high… I looked low… I asked for help. Oh. Yeah. We don’t make that anymore. But maybe online…? ARE YOU KIDDING ME???!!! When I […]

The Confessional: May I Be Honest?

I’m a wreck. Am. Is. Am. I need to set 2 alarms for each upcoming “thing” because I WILL forget within a span of 15 minutes. Oh golly. I HATE to bring the Whine. But. Not to be confused with butt. I’m tired. I am busy. I am weary. Weary. I am busy because I […]

I Confess: I Talk to Me.

It’s true. I totes talk to myself. Out loud. Like, in public. Or even not in public. And honestly? I don’t know which is creepier.