Books: Viral Parenting and The Teen Girl’s Singing Guide

Hi parents! I have a couple of book suggestions! (This post contains affiliate links. This means when you make a purchase, I receive a small percentage – at no extra cost to you. Earnings help pay the costs affiliated with running a secure, stable website.) Viral Parenting and The Teen Girl’s Singing Guide I have […]

Learn How To Post 3D Photos To Facebook

Have you see them? Learn How To Post 3D Photos To Facebook They are popping up everywhere on my Facebook feed: DO YOU WANT TO LEARN HOW TO POST 3D PHOTOS TO FACEBOOK TOO? TOOLS: Besides a Facebook account… you’ll need a photo taken in portrait mode. I found THIS ARTICLE which suggests a possible […]

Ten Internet Rules to Help Kids Stay Safe Online

Now hear this: Ten Internet Rules to Help Keep Kids Safe Online Herefollows internet commandments for kids going online for the first time, courtesy Pumpic. Please see the infographic created by Pumpic for great tips within each *commandment*… Don’t post something you will regret later. Protect your online privacy on social media. Don’t fall for […]

Keeping Family and Friends Up To Date This Fall with Straight Talk!

Back-to-school means back-to-BUSY. Not only are there lunches to pack and laundry to keep laundering and homework to do and Seahawks games to watch… there are football practices and football games and play rehearsals and more play rehearsals and swim lessons and tutoring lessons and homecoming and school open houses and… *This post is sponsored […]

Straight Talk Wireless and How To Spend Your Tax Refund

It’s that time of year again… TAX REFUND SEASON. *I am partnering with Straight Talk Wireless. All opinion and refund purchasing are my own.* I like the “refund” part of that phrase. Don’t you? What kinds of things can one do with one’s tax refund? LOTS OF THINGS. Are you wondering how to spend your […]

Take It On Tuesday: Watermelon As Phone Charger?

Have you seen that video(s) on YouTube where the guy puts a watermelon on ice, and salt… and eventually gets it to charge his iPhone? A WATERMELON AS PHONE CHARGER, WHAT?! That’s what I asked too. I was not a believer. So I decided to take on the task of seeing if the claim was […]

Gift Giving: Giving Straight Talk and #StraightTalkCheer

If I have learned anything, I have learned choosing the perfect give is perfectly the MOST difficult thing to do. What size? What color? WHAT DO THEY EVEN LIKE ANYMORE? Oh GIFT GIVING. You’re so cute. *Before I continue, please note: this is a sponsored post. I have partnered with Straight Talk on this… I […]

#GiftSmart This Season With Radio Shack!

At a time when money and time is tight – a person has to be smart. For example, I employ the “Go Right” approach to getting errands done. This means I try to avoid LEFT turns and make my errand list according to where I must go… choosing right turns over left where prudent. There’s […]

Tech and Travel Tips, Kindle Fire HD Kids Edition, AT&T Mobile Hot Spot, and the Thinium

A couple of weeks ago I attended the  2014 Holiday Tech and Travel Show in Seatte hosted by Techlicious & TravelingMom. Between sips of champagne and bites of prosciutto wrapped prawns and chocolate peppermint mousse sprinkled with edible gold (I. KNOW!)… The attendees were given LOADS of great ideas related to travel, tech, and how […]

Straight Talk Wireless: Safe Driver Car Connection Device.

Straight Talk Wireless recently launched their Safe Driver Car Connection device. I am thrilled to be teaming up with Straight Talk wireless on this program. This partnership means I am able to attend an event in Atlanta this Friday (the 17th) to learn more about SDCC, so I can share this program with YOU. However, […]