Happy Thanksgiving!!!

When my son was a little guy he used to call the Mayflower – the Cauliflower. It could have happened… Aaaanywho… Happy Thanksgiving my friends! May goodness and laughter be sprinkled throughout your day… ******** Never miss a thing! Get JOTS latest adventures via¬†email or in your blog reader.

Are you ready for flu season and/or halloween?

I know a number of you have seen this video already. This is one of my very first VLOGS. Like it isn’t totally obvi… it has “Baby Vlogger” written all over it. But I feel it is imperative to share now… as we enter flu season. I know the video is on the long side, […]

Free Association Post: It’s like therapy, sans therapist

I find that when I am stressed (now)… making lists can be very helpful. But you know me (do you know me?)… I work a lil’ bit different that many. My lists don’t always consist of my to-dos nor my dreams… nor of the people I want to flick on the forehead… Well maybe the […]

Make Me Laugh Monday: “Unit” and “Package”

I saw this multi unit package in my bathroom. Heh. I showed the Huz…, “Hey baby. Look. Heh. Heh. ¬†Multi unit. Heh. Package… Heh heh heh heh…” You can’t tell me this isn’t funny… Or ya could. But you’d be lying. This funny. P.S. Happy Fourth of July. Enjoy the fireworks. Heh. “Enjoy the fireworks” […]

I know you're jeal'

I mean, like, how many people can upstage a microwave? I. KNOW. I betcha didn’t even notice the microwave. I am THAT good. Deuces. P.S. I’m gonna start saying, “Deuces”. To me it means PEACE + BOOM. For the mathy, let me show this in an equation: PEACE + BOOM = DEUCES, yo. P.P.S. You […]


That title could have been so much better. But probably not. This is going to be QUITE the week. Which means it will be quite NOT the week here. It’s not that I am doing NOTHING – au contraire… Over at The Mom Squad I brag about the stellar children’s theatre program we have the […]

Homophones: Your Doin' It Wrong

Did you catch that? Huh? Did ya? How about this one: Found this on a friend’s Facebook wall. She’s an English teacher. She’s so sexy. Eye I am not going to claim I am flawless when it comes two too to appropriately using words that sound the same (but are spelled differently/have different meanings)… But […]

Of Course He Did…

We have a dog. His name is Kevin. He’ll be 2 in May. So he’s still a pup. A 70 pound pup. When we went to the vet about 2 months ago, he weighed 66.6 lbs. That’s the Devil’s number, my friends. I have never smelled the farts of the Devil, but I imagine the […]

Baked Cookies or No-Bake Cookies?

Discuss. And also… Totally unrelated… While using the facilities at a local place of business… I spied a very creative solution: Safety first!!! Andalsoducttape. ******** Keep up on the ridiculous, the insightful, the always digressive… Get Jenny On The Spot by RSS or EMAIL or newsletter! Follow JOTS on Twitter, join the Facebook Fan Page […]

What To Wear Wednesday: The New Boots and Their High Acclaim

The huz made sure these babies were under the Christmas tree. Yes, he is a GOOOOOOOD man. I could not wait to wear them. Out. I wore them several hours on Christmas day… in my kitchen. But these boots were made for walkin’, not cookin’! I had a little errand to run a couple days […]