We Use Our Words

A lot. My daughter and I. The 8 year old. She blogs. Cuz she’s cool. I made her that way. On Wednesday I went with her to a local Young Writers Workshop. There are so many things awesome in that. To watch her love for words and stories… To realize she has this innate passion […]

Overheard: Surviving the Substitute

There is a certain substitute at my kids’ school that… shall we say… has not found favor in the eyes of my children. {photo cred} On the way home from school today the oldest (11) said, “I don’t think I’ll survive if I have Ms. So-and-So again.” His 8 year old sister offered him comfort, […]

I Want to Walk on The Clouds!

I remember when I was a little girl. I DREAMED of being able to dance on the clouds. To prance and swoosh and spin in the light clouds. It never occurred to me that were I to step out of a plane onto a fat, white cloud… I would fall to a certain death. My […]

"Maybe you shouldn't drink so much coffee…" she says.

I was trying on this dress today: Premiered at BlogHer in NYC, August 2010. Thankyouverymuch. My beloved. The entire dress is sequins. And I use the word “entire” loosely… for it is a fine line between “dress” and “long shirt”. Aaaaaanywho. I was trying her on, for she maybe be worn at an event very […]

Project We

My daughter Olivia and I are taking on a little project in 2011. Project We She has been bitten by the blogging bug, and… well… I think that is just stinkin’ awesome. I also have seen it as a great opportunity to share an interest with my will-not-forever-be-8-years-old daughter. She’s blooming. She’s open. I want […]

Makes A Mommy Blogger Proud…

I helped my daughter with her blog this weekend. I walked her through the process of uploading a picture to her posts. Finally. For a post about Thanksgiving. I found this note in my inbox a few days later… Of all the awesome… My girl. Not only do we share a love of accessories, but […]

I'm Glad She Doesn't Care

All my life I have cared. Too much… About what others think. But not so much my girl. Recently, we were getting ready to go to a mother-daughter tea party. It was for the launch of a local program she will be participating in the next 2 months. A very “girlie” program. Once upon a […]

To Be Missed…

I am loved. I am adored. I have arrived… for I was missed… She missed me… I was gone ALL last week. All. It began Monday at 4 a.m when I left my home, bound for Atlanta… I was barely home over Wednesday night (10 hours) before I rearranged my luggage and headed back to […]

Dear Mom,

I just wanted to say that your the best Mom in the hole wid(e) world! I would Never want enny other mom like you! So I’m giving you something! Love, Olivia “I never want any other mom like you…” And that something she gave me? The note. ***P.S. Have you voted? I am currently at […]

My Name is Inigo Montoya. You Eat My Gummy Worms…

Prepare. To die… This moment in childhood brought to you by 2 girls… set free to walk to the store with a pocketful of money and a camera… If ever there is joy in life, it is in moments such as these. May you find your moment this coming week… be it gummy worms or […]