The TRUTH About Back-To-School

So. I guess most kids are back to school. Except for Seattle schools, but they’ll get back soon. I’m sure. Not that my life revolves around back to school, BUT IT DOES. I mean, I have 3 kids. What’s funny about back-to-school is… many parents get so excited (myself included) about it. I mean, it’s […]

Summer Summer Summertime

It is finally summer for us. SUMMERTIME! The kids have been out of school for ::checks calendar:: one week and 2 days. I had to check the calendar because I guess since I can’t remember what I did 2 hours ago, I am not going to remember a week ago. So what does all this […]

Life. It’s about ALL the things.

When a person writes about their life, a person sometimes feels one must share the writable moments. The impressive or dramatic… the fabulous or terrific. Apparently… the origin (Latin) of the word terrific actually means… terrificus frightening, equivalent to terr ( ?re ) to frighten. Source. CrazyZHAY… right? There are other crazy-commonly used words that […]

Birthday Letter to My Daughter… My Middle Child.

My daughter… our middle child turned 11 last week. ELEVEN. Somebody send a medic! When they say time flies, THEY are NOT lying. Most years I write a birthday letter to each of my kiddos and share them here. I do it in part for them to read someday, and in part as an essay on […]

Our Day in Seattle: The Seattle Great Wheel & The Gum wall

We live pretty close to Seattle. So close, lots of folks commute there for work. Including my husband. But it’s far enough that a family of 5 can’t hop on over unless they want to make at least a half-day of it. So, one might say we made a HALF day of it recently. We […]

The 22 Day Road Trip: The SO Excited BEFORE & Reeeeally Tired AFTER

This was our first family picture… about 5 miles into our 4,500 mile journey to the center of the earth: We are all pretty excited in this picture, here. Lucy especially. You can’t tell the other two are excited because I drive them nuts with my picture taking. I tell them in 20 years they […]

The Appendix: Not to be confused with the appendix

??? I’ve had a bit of a bothersome belly ache lately. Sciatica? Dislocation due to an overly-motivated workout? Regardless… I’m not feeling right. Off and on. For a few days. Just a nudge of discomfort… enough for me to feel complainery… but not enough for one to feel the need to enlist the help of […]

The Confessional: I give my kids sugar cereal.

I confess. See this box: It’s a box-o Lucky Charms. I have a picture of it here in this post because I have this box in my home. Folks. Friends… Cast ye judgment aside lest ye cast yon first stone…. This is not the first time I have brought sugar cereal into my home. Alas and […]

There really is a creative (mad?) genius inside.

I will often tell people I am not creative. I am a WAY better copy cat. *meow* I would say I am far more CAPABLE than CREATIVE. And I am O.K. with that. I can do just about anything… I just need someone to tell what it is I will be doing. EXCEPT FOR YESTERDAY Y’ALLS! My kids […]

That girl.

My girl. Sweet. Compassionate. Maternal. Kind. My girl. I honestly have no idea where 9 years have gone. Plopped right between your older brother and younger sister, you have carved yourself a solid place in our crazy family. You have that laugh… the laugh everyone tells me is simply the best they have ever heard. […]