Give a kid a hot dog (and permission to microwave it…)

Have you ever given your 6 year old permission to cook her own hot dog in the microwave? You know… since she knows her numbers and all… 44 seconds. She knows how to press the number 4. Twice. Right? I gave her a nod of permission to proceed with her culinary feat… She INSISTED she […]

The Rock of FAIL [video]

SO. There’s this rock at my kids’ school. This is not the rock. But it’s a rock, so… The rock at school is the PERFECT size for climbing, sliding… and also the PERFECT size for getting in trouble. You see… this climbing rock/slide rock is placed teasingly in the welcome/front/pick-up area of the school. And […]

Suddenly Consumed

Like a wildfire that grew from a spark that innocently popped to dry timber from a campfire… That is how my life feels. Except, I wouldn’t say this consumption is completely out of the blue. I have seen it coming. Ish. Let’s try this analogy again… Like a wildfire… born from a controlled burn. One […]


My little girl is in dream land… I remember those days. When I was a little girl… I had dreams too. Ice cream and roller skates. The twirliest of skirts and far-away lands. When puberty hit…

I Confess: The Funk

I struggle. I feel ungrateful for feeling this way. Guilt. Unappreciative. Life is good. Full. Busy. Good. And I am tired. Beyond… I don’t know what to throw off. Discernment? Decisions paralyze me. Some days I just go hour by hour. Some probably think I am a flake. But in reality… I am paralyzed. Literally… […]

Christmas Finds in August

I confess. It is August and I still have Christmas decorations up. However unintentional. Last year, when I was decorating for Christmas, I found a Christmas pillow – THAT WAS OUT ALL YEAR. The other day I was doing a hardcore cleaning because I was hosting a baby shower. This time I found a snowman […]

Preschoolers: Sheesh, Don't They Know It's About ME?

So, a couple weeks ago, before my daughter graduated from preschool… …we went on a field trip to the local kid’s museum. In my car I had 5 preschoolers… 3 girls and 2 boys. One of the little girls (4 years old) asked, “Can we listen to rock and roll?” I was all, “DO YOU […]

Maybe I should rethink this "vlogging" thing.

O.K. So. THAT didn’t go EXACTLY as I expected.  In my defense, when I filmed this I still had not yet had my coffee. Not unlike a druggie without his “fix” for the day (or for the hour, I dunno the kinds of schedules druggies keep. Aaaaanywho…). However, a few lessons can be pulled from […]