Invisalign Treatment Tips & Insight

*I have joined the Invisalign Clear Aligner Mom’s Panel. My daughter’s treatment has been provided in trade for our honest review. This is our story. My daughter, Lucy started her Invisalign treatment journey about four months ago. SO FAR SO GOOD! My Tween’s Invisalign© Treatment: Tips & Insight Have there been bumps in the road? Yes. […]

Invisalign and My Preteen: Our Invisalign Treatment Journey

*I have joined the Invisalign Mom’s Panel. My daughter’s treatment has been provided in trade for our honest review. This is our story. Our Invisalign Treatment Journey I write our story because orthodontics with kids is a family affair.  We all have to be together on what treatment is chosen… no matter what straightening option […]

Subscription Box for Tweens: Tinker Crate – SLIME

Subscription Box for Tweens Lucy and I have been exploring subscription box services focusing on the tween set. This is our second *Tinker Crate box. The first one was a bit of a bust for us (hydraulic claw)… it was too complex for her, and we didn’t do an unboxing for that one. But we […]

How To: Edible Peeps Play Dough

You guys. PEEPS PLAY DOUGH! The following posts are practically/literally covered with the rainbow-colored fine sugar! DIY Peeps Necklace 3 Things to DIY with Peeps Vodka Infused Peeps Oh, and have you heard of Peeps on a Perch? Off the topic a bit… how about getting creative with egg cartons from all that egg decorating?? […]

My Lucy… My Birthday Girl

Happy, HAPPY 11th birthday, my Lucy. Happy birthday! How many times can I tell you I love you? How many times can I tell you I am proud of you? But then, can we ever really tell each other that kind-of stuff enough? So this is my chance to get it down, and get it […]

DIY: How-To Make a No-Sew Mermaid Tail and Costume!

Herefollows a quick video on how-to make a no-sew mermaid tail and costume. WHY? Well, it’s almost Halloween and if there are parents like me out there (I have to hope I am not alone)… there are parents saying to themselves in a panic, “HOW IS HALLOWEEN ALREADY ONLY 3 DAYS AWAY HOW DOES THIS […]

The TRUTH About Back-To-School

So. I guess most kids are back to school. Except for Seattle schools, but they’ll get back soon. I’m sure. Not that my life revolves around back to school, BUT IT DOES. I mean, I have 3 kids. What’s funny about back-to-school is… many parents get so excited (myself included) about it. I mean, it’s […]

The Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle

Woodland Park Zoo gave me a complimentary visit for four a couple of weeks ago. The last time I visited the zoo I was as a chaperone for a school field trip. I don’t know why I keep leaving our zoo experiences to field trips. The zoo isn’t JUST for school field trips! I mean, field trips […]

Summer Summer Summertime

It is finally summer for us. SUMMERTIME! The kids have been out of school for ::checks calendar:: one week and 2 days. I had to check the calendar because I guess since I can’t remember what I did 2 hours ago, I am not going to remember a week ago. So what does all this […]

Snowbots and Cold and Snow

Snow is cold. I do not like cold. COLD AND SNOW You might think this picture of me shows me almost enjoying the cold… Actually, this is FEAR. Long story short, I do not like cold… therefore SNOW. Cold and snow. I blame my thyroid. And maybe not having proper snow clothes. Because I find […]