Things I’m Really Into Right Now – Episode 4

I keep making these videos. It means one of two things: 1) I am into WAY too many things, or… Um. Aaanywho. These are some fun things I am into right now. My consumerism may or may not be showing. I like doing these videos because: #1 – They’re super easy to put together for […]

Mother’s Day Printable. And Then Some. I LOVE PRINTABLES!

I’m toying with an idea… Making/creating/designing printables. Downloads. Sharables. I don’t know. But I DO know… I like printables. I like prints. I like typography. And simple graphics. I like to hang them on my walls… I like to frame them.  (Please excuse the pear border. Meh.)  I’ve downloaded from websites. I’ve ordered on Etsy […]

Free Association and Rocks Box Unboxing

I think my least favorite part of writing is coming up with a title. It was hard enough pre-SEO (Search Engine Optimization) (which is long-wordy for: a title strategy so search engines will help people find you) (which kind-of feels like extreme evangelism) (if you have ever had to work on SEO that will totally […]

What To Do In Washington DC (if you only have 2 hours)

I’m not claiming I am an expert on the touristing of Washington DC, but herefollows my post: What To Do In Washington DC (if you only have 2 hours) I’m just saying I had 2 hours to tour Washington DC and if you ever find you have just a smidge of time in the our […]

She’s Ten. Ten Years Old.

We laid in my bed to read the other night. When I closed the book and suggested we move on to the next task she said, “Can we snuggle for a little bit first? Dear Lucy, My unexpected blessing. You’re ten. TEN!!! It seems like two blinks of the eye ago you were so widdle… […]

Things I Am Into Right Now. Seven Things.

Sometimes I just want to talk about things. Sometimes I just want to tell everybody about stuff that makes my life better. I’m not talking so much about youth pills and such. Just stuff. It’s hard to write about stuff and make it interesting. So I figured I would make it a video instead. Which… […]

Help me! I just bought a prize wheel!

You know when you get an idea in your head and it’s 2 a.m. and insomnia and your alarm goes off at 6 in the morning and you only finally fell asleep at 5:45… you realize you bought a prize wheel on Etsy. Probably at 3 a.m. Prize wheel from the amazing Eddie at Breezy […]

An Open Letter To Late People: The Art and Kindness of Being ON TIME

This first post of this new year may come off a little ranty. I suppose “An Open Letter To Late People” might hold a tone of discontent at the very least. However, my point is not to rant. My point is to make a point. Two points, really… 1) Being ON TIME is a beautiful work of […]

Favorite Things: These Are a Few of Them

That’s what this post is all about… favorite things. MY favorite things. I can’t really write about anyone else’s favorite things on account of the fact I am not anyone else. CLEARLY. Which is probably a really good thing. I am especially not Oprah. If I was, then you’d all be getting all of the […]

100 Good Deeds: #DeedADay Movement

This is the time of year we look back and look forward. We take stock, which moves many to resolve to make changes. Exercise more! Eat less! Get organized! Etc and whathaveyou. Anytime is a great time to decide to live better. To be better. But the start of a new year has a way […]