13 College Student Must-Haves – The Dorm Edition

Hey all! I have a very special guest writer today – Greer Gates! She is sharing 13 college student must-haves for college kids living in dorms… If you are a curious cat like me and want to know a bit about Greer you can watch our Monday Minute here and our Facebook LIVE here! Greer […]

Headbands of Hope: Spreading Hope & Funding Childhood Cancer Research

Happy Monday, friends!!! Today I am excited to share about a very sweet organization that is striving to make a difference in the lives of children with cancer and the field of childhood cancer. Headbands of Hope. September (this month!) is Childhood Cancer Awareness month. And while it is good to be aware, what do […]

Polyvore? YES!!! {Guest Post by BrassyDel!}

This is a guest post by BrassyDel! Woohoo! It’s nice to change things up around here, don’t cha think? It’s been a wee-bit quiet around here, and I’ve felt bad since SO many come here almost hourly looking for Aaanywho. I’d post pictures of the busy, but there’s been so much busy… there’s been nary […]

Blogging Advice From A Friend {Guest Post by Denise in Bloom}

Dear friends, This is my friend Denise. You may know her as Denise in Bloom. I am tickled and blessed to know her as both. Denise was my friend before we had the interwebz in common. To be honest, to have a local friend who I can talk the talk with has been SO STINCKIN’ […]

Hot Mess Peeves {Guest vlog by Lucrecer Braxton of Art Slam!}

Lu. Our relationship was love at first sight. Right, Lu? You walked into our hotel room and I looked at you like this: {photo credit: Angry Julie!} That is my Lu standing there next to me, being all patient and tolerant. Actually I think she had just pinched my butt. Or not. But she totally […]

Tips for Airline Travel with Children {Guest Post by Michelle of Falafel and the Bee!}

My Michelle. She is a most wonderful woman. Creative. Funny. Highly allergic. I met Michelle probably close to two hands worth of fingers ago. She has become a very dear friend. Out youngests have forged a very sweet relationship. Our youngests… during one of their first playdates. I remember this day like it was yesterday… […]

Vlogging tips… Or are they "observations"?

Kami of NoBiggie.net invited me to be part of a vlogging series that is up over there RIGHT NOW! Read: A NEW VIDEO!!! Please pop by for the latest and greatest in vlogging! Besides, if you haven’t been to nobiggie.net, it is time. It is one of the most lovely sites around. And of course […]