A Chocolate MilkSHAKE – Literally

That kid? I love here… chocolate milkSHAKING and all… ******** Get Jenny On the Spot’s newest posts in email or in your blog reader. Keep up on JOtS giveaways – get new giveaway updates via email by clicking here! Follow: Twitter, Become a Facebook Fan keep-up via Networked Blogs!

Were I Green, I'd Be A Girl Hulk

This is my friend’s car. And a detail which will be important in a few lines… she is also my personal trainer. The handle is not on her car… because it is here: It is in my hand. Which is attached to my VERY strong arm. Mostly due to the fact that my friend and […]

Marcel The Shell With Shoes On

Oh friends. The purest and most wonderful of funny ahead. This is something you can share with all … “My name is Marcel and I’m partially a shell… and I also have shoes and a face, so… I like that about myself…” I like that about you too, Marcel. MARCEL THE SHELL WITH SHOES ON […]