The Monday Minute was LIVE with Facebook Live Video

HI FRIENDS! It’s… The Monday Minute, but LIVE… with Facebook live video! Yes, I know it’s not last Monday, but TIME IS RELATIVE. Facebook has offered LIVE video and I thought, “I do video. I should do live video…” Also, to be painfully honest… life is moving faster than I can handle and live video […]

Have you ever thought about the definition of the word FREE?

Free: adjective \ˈfrē\ –  given without consideration of  a return or reward. In the blogging industry, that word, FREE, gets thrown around a lot. FREE STUFF. We hear comments like, “You’re so lucky. You get FREE stuff!” I don’t mind hearing that so much from people who really don’t know better. How would the average Jill or […]

Home again…

  I really want to tell you the story about the time I chased down the airport shuttle and scared the mess out of 14 passengers. My lungs burned for two hours after said chase. But I made that shuttle and made it home at 1 in the morning instead of 3. Well worth the […]

Goofing-off and/or working

That title about sums up this post. I work from home… Day… Night. Because there is no 9-5 in this bidness. And sometimes from coffee shops (socialization/people-watching is critical). These are glimpses into my mania productivity: This picture is titled: Eye Yey Yey Yey Eye. Some folks have a water cooler to gather-round at work. Some […]

Storytelling: Looking for Inspiration in the Everyday

I am a firm believer that stories are everywhere. But sometimes – and more recently – oftentimes… life gets so full, or chaotic, or stressful… the stories are hard to see. Writer’s block exacerbated by life chaos? Perhaps. I wonder, though, if it is more a general mind-block… Mental (or creative) constipation, if you will. How’s […]

An opportunity to practice voting.

I am here to serve. We are fast-approaching election season, and since I am all about me since I am all about serving my community… And I am all about tradition… Remember that one thing last year where we changed the world TOGETHER? It doesn’t get more legit that that, yo… My own .jpg certif, ya’ll!!! But […]

We are well into July and still, our Summer List is still list-less.

? Titles are so hard for me. I digress. My adorable friend Meg… made an adorable, cute, lovely, covetous Summer List. This one right here. I. Know. COVET. And I made this one: It is in process, schee *read it like I am a Mob Boss*… I got a 30×40 canvas and painted it, ya’lls. […]

This and That: “I Can Haz” Edition

Oh! I just want to shake my shoulders. Tidbits Summary This-n-that Not exactly the most riveting post titles. In fact, these titles generally irk my chain? Yank my chain? Tell me, when you see a title like Tidbits, do you just go wild with curiosity? Nope. However, the title today is This and That… more […]

Reindeers. Ew. And a bit about girls.

Last week. Last week? Yeah. Last week. I chaperoned a trip to the zoo… This me and my shoe (CONVERSE!) on the bus… The kindergarteners went with their 4th grade buddies. I have such a cute pic of my Lucy with her buddy, but I don’t know the mother of the buddy to ask for […]

What do you mean by SUBSCRIBE? Do you have a magazine?

If you are a blogger, or if you know what RSS or “embed” means, then this post is not for you. This post is for the friends and acquaintances when after I say words like “subscribe” or “URL”  they look at me like I’m talking from my second head. Since I only have one head, […]