IPSY Things I’m Really Into Right Now #TIRIRN

I’ve been subscribed to IPSY for quite some time. If you are not familiar with IPSY, it’s a beauty-type subscription service. And today’s video features the IPSY things I’m really into right now! Ipsy is 10 bucks a month. You get a make-up bag (different one, usually pretty fun ones) every month, and 5 beauty items… […]

Acorn Fall Box: Feat. My Morning Ritual, Lists, and Halloween Candy

I woke up the other morning, as I do on mornings. I wake up. I woke up before the children to get me my Me Time. *This is an Acorn Influence sponsored story, featuring items from their Acorn Fall Box. This story and opinion is mine, all mine. My early-morning Me Time includes (but is not […]

Herbal Essences Body Wash #ScentGoals

Smelling pretty. It’s kind-of a big deal. To me, for sure. But I suppose I shouldn’t speak for you. *This story is sponsored by Herbal Essences. All opinions and going on and on are my own.* I love smelling pretty. What do I love more than knowing I smell good? Being told I smell good. It’s […]

June IPSY Unbagging

There’s not much more to add. I subscribe to IPSY, which is a beauty products-based subscription service. I have so many lip colors right now. But you can never have too many lip color options. OR CAN YOU… So there you have it! My most recenty IPSY unbagging! I really like the lip color. I […]

April Ipsy Bag Unbagging. Not Unboxing. Because it comes in a bag.

Herefollows my April Ipsy Bag unbagging. It comes in a bag, not a box. I think these subscription services are a distraction for me. (Ipsy is a beauty-style monthly subscription service) They distract me from telling other stories. Like all my fascinating stories about laundry and driving children around and whathaveyou. I just went to Goodwill […]

Take It On Tuesday – Does Lipstick Mask Dark Under Eye Circles, or…

A few weeks ago there was this big hullabaloo (sp?) about using lipstick to help cover dark eye circles. It sounded crazy pants to me… and being the Take It On Tuesday-er that I am, I thought – THIS IS TAKE-ON-ABLE… Can lipstick mask dark under eye circles? CAN IT?! Honestly, I kinda feel like […]

Popsugar Box: My #musthavebox Unboxing

So. Before I begin, I should tell you that I got this box in SEPTEMBER. It’s just been a little crazy, OK? And it’s not like anyone’s been emailing me threats… “GIMME YOUR SEPTEMBER POPSUGAR UNBOXING VIDEO OR ELSE”. I have an October box to unbox as well. Maybe I’ll share that in March. If […]

Coconut Oil as Makeup Remover and 7 Other Uses!

You read that right.. Coconut oil as makeup remover! Happy Earth Day, friends! And in honor of Earth Day I wanted to share something earthy. It’s also budget friendly! I have spent a fair amount of dollars on make-up remover. Not only do I wear make-up, but I have 3 kids who have all spend […]

Conair Holiday Glow and Go!

There’s no place like home for the holidays? No. Not when there are products like the Conair true glow Sonic Cleansing Brush AND Infiniti Pro Conair Hair Designer Dryer that make it easy for you to get your glow on! When your hair and skin are feeling great, you want to take them out on […]

How Did You Make Your Hair All Wavy: A Triple Barrel Curling Iron Tutorial

“How did you make your hair all wavy like that, Jenny?” With a TRIPLE BARREL CURLING IRON, Y’ALL! I’d say that question calls for a VIDEO TUTORIAL… because the way I get that wavy-hair look is by breaking out the big guns… the TRIPLE BARREL CURLING IRON. And that’s it! The iron I used in […]