Silly Puppy Gus is silly.

This is just a little post about our puppy, Gus. I think I’ve told you about him before. He’s 8 months old. He’s part shih tzu, chihuahua, poodle… and schnauzer (?) or some-sort-of-mouthful. He’s hilarious. And very disobedient. Not unlike my children. Aaaanywho… I wanted to share something funny. I hope these few pictures give […]

One time, I learned how to utilize the whole of a chicken… Comb and ALL.

So, I live in a more rural-type are. You can’t tell by how super-savvy and cool I am that I live outside of the city town limits, huh? And yes, I know my grasp on reality is loose at best. OR IS IT? I was invited by a friend who works in the business of […]

JOtS and the Dog

Let’s see… I got a sexy new camera for The Christmas… and I LUH HER. I am not a photographer. Nor am I a reader of manuals of electronics. So I mess around. With her… my camera… but not in a “back seat of the car” sort-of way. To be clear. Though, I will confess… there […]

Dance, Drama and Vocal Classes in Kitsap County! And a Kitty. And a Hedgehog.

As you may or may not know, my children are involved in a local children’s musical theatre group. All of them. Which means – I keep a lot of make-up around, and we eat more snacks than meals. It also means cutest pictures ever!!! Since we are so deeply involved, naturally I would like to […]

Our dog is just like us.

Recently, when all five of us were trapped in the car together heading to who knows where we were headed that time, the topic of conversation turned to our dog, Kevin. …and how he is the perfect dog for our family and how he is probably part-human and how his personality reflects a little piece […]

Reindeers. Ew. And a bit about girls.

Last week. Last week? Yeah. Last week. I chaperoned a trip to the zoo… This me and my shoe (CONVERSE!) on the bus… The kindergarteners went with their 4th grade buddies. I have such a cute pic of my Lucy with her buddy, but I don’t know the mother of the buddy to ask for […]

Make Me Laugh Monday (a vlog): My girl…

Lucy. She cracks me up. She keeps me laughing. She also keeps me on my toes. One day last week I took a shower (I didn’t take a shower ONLY 1 day last week, but whatever…). When I came out I found wrapping and printer paper across the living room… crayons and glue sticks… colored-on […]

In Which I Encountered a Jurassic Sized Bug! (VLOG!)

I am not a fan of bugs. Particularly FLYING bugs. Do you remember the time I was on a phone interview with celebrity Joel McHale, and I was stalked by a yellow jacket??? Yeah. Me + bugs = STORY TIME. I was asked by the lovely Janice and Susan of 5 Minutes for Mom and […]

Of Course He Did…

We have a dog. His name is Kevin. He’ll be 2 in May. So he’s still a pup. A 70 pound pup. When we went to the vet about 2 months ago, he weighed 66.6 lbs. That’s the Devil’s number, my friends. I have never smelled the farts of the Devil, but I imagine the […]

In Which I Am Glad I Am Not A Salmon

I totes got educated. I am not a native of the Pacific NorthWET… I mean NORTHWEST… So, instead of taking “History of the Pacific Northwest: How the Salmon Die”… I took “History of California: We Are Bigger than Your State. WAY Bigger”. In the 13+ years I have lived here, the most I have really […]