Make We Laugh Monday – Talk About Local *ahem* Business

I’m sorry. I can’t help it. This is just toooooo good. It’s like Captain Obvious himself said, “I made this for you…” This is why it is important to NEVER leave your camera phone at home. This stuff is out there. Sitting at a red light next to you… I am still *blinking*. ***Don’t click […]

Make Me Laugh Monday – Dirty UPS Truck

The toughest criticism is self-criticism. Zeuxis, an ancient Greek painter, stepped back from a finished canvas and saw the flaws in his work. He began laughing at himself, couldn’t stop, burst a blood vessel, and laughed himself to death.¬† (Excerpt taken from the book Twisted: Tales From The Wacky Side of Life by Bob Fenster¬†– […]