The First Monday Minute of 2017: What is YOUR Word for 2017?

Hi guys! It’s 2017 and I am back! YOUR Word for 2017 I took a little time over the holidays to soak up life with my family. Which meant a little radio silence here. Not that this is the radio, but I digress… It feels good to be back. It feels good to roll into […]

25 Whole30 Compliant Foods At Trader Joe’s!

Remember that one time I did the Whole30? Wait. REMEMBER THOSE TWO TIMES I DID THE WHOLE30? I do. It was awesome. And hard. Sometimes terrible. And completely worth the effort. On my second round of the Whole30, I captured (almost) every meal and shared it on a new Instagram account I created for just […]

Who is YOUR Holiday Hero?

Let’s chat heroes for a moment… Who is YOUR Holiday Hero? Do heroes have to wear capes or unitards with clever insignias? I DON’T THINK THEY DO. *This post is sponsored by Keurig Green Mountain┬«. All opinion and talk of heroes are my own. Do they need to have the strength to lift tanker trucks […]

Talking to Tweens: Effects of Alcohol on the Developing Brain

What ARE the effects of alcohol on the developing brain, anyway? If you have ever consumed alcohol (parents), you are aware that alcohol does have an effect. Drinking too much, DEFINITELY has an effect. Even in smaller amounts it can affect the most responsible of adults. But what about the effects of alcohol on a […]

The Monday Minute: Happy Holla Daze, y’all!

Hey hey hey! It’s that time of the week again… MONDAY.  Happy Holla Daze, y’all! It’s time for the Monday Minute (or two), in which I try to help make “a case of the Mondays” a good thing. Today is Gingerbread House Day, and tomorrow is National Cocoa Day. Thursday is Wear Your Pearls Day, […]

The Monday Minute: Facebook Check and All Thumbs

Hi guys! Welcome to yet another Monday! In today’s episode of the Monday Minute I go way longer than a minute (per usual) and I talk about the struggle that is knitting (all thumbs) and encourage y’all to check on the Facebook apps (Facebook check) that have access to your profile. Having trouble viewing this […]

The One Year Anniversary of The Monday Minute (or two)

Hello friends! GUESS WHAT?! It is the one year anniversary of The Monday Minute (or two). CAN YOU EVEN BELIEVE IT? Where has the year gone? Out of the last 52 Mondays of this last year, I only missed two of them. That’s kind-of a big deal. For me. I am a person who is […]

The Monday Minute (or two) – Election Day

Welcome to the Monday Minute (or two)… in which I try to help make “a case of The Mondays” a GOOD thing. What is happening this week? Well, Election Day, for one. It is not a day I am particularly excited about, but I am excited to have another Monday Minute for you! Did you […]

WOOHOO It’s Monday! Happy Halloween!

WOHOO it’s Monday! It’s also… HALLOWEEN! Happy Halloween! I’m looking forward to the start of a new week, AND the start of a new month. I’ve been pretty persistent at my journaling so my November tracker is all set and I’m looking forward to kicking some tail.  Well, not TOO much tail… this month is […]

The Easiest Dessert in the World: Dump Cake

Outside of buying a frozen pie that is already made… or maybe buying a roll of cookie dough that needs slicing… of all the desserts that require baking, I believe DUMP CAKE is probably the easiest baked dessert in the world. I owe all credit for this amazing recipe to my mom. I have no […]