Finding Joy in the Mess – Part 2

I wrote recently about finding joy in the mess. If you read that post, I am sure the claim will make some sense because, outside of the explanation, the idea that there could be joy found in mess sounds somewhat ridiculous. Joy in mess? PREPOSTEROUS. Wait. We actually found A LOT of joy in THIS […]

Make It the Best Summer Ever: Suncreen Up, Y’all!

SUMMER IS HERE! You want to know what one of the first things I do when the sun starts making it’s heated debut? I LOAD UP ON SUNSCREEN. Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Banana Boat®. All opinion and facts about how I keep my family protected are mine that have taken years to develop and […]

Party On With The Plenti Program, a New Loyalty Program for Shoppers

The last time I wrote about the Plenti Program (a new rewards program for shoppers) I was gearing up for a Memorial Day party… And what a party it was! BTW… I am a paid ambassador for Plenti. All opinion and fun that was had at the party was my own. And also the fun […]

Plenti Loyalty Program and My Memorial Day Preparations!

So there’s this really cool new app… a loyalty program… an app AND loyalty program. It’s called Plenti. If you’ve been to Rite Aid or Macy’s chances are you have heard about it… *I’m participating as a compensated blog ambassador for the Plenti program. All opinion and experience are my own. The long and short of […]

Interview With A Friend: Lisa and I and the BFF Tag

Neither I nor my friend Lisa were tagged to do the BFF tag. But I saw MamaKat did it on her YouTube channel, and Lisa is always game for anything… so I sent her a Facebook message and she was all, “I’m have a good hair day today!” And I was all, “I put on […]

Back in the early 80’s… when everything was closed on Thanksgiving.

All kinds of people are having all kinds of opinions about deal shopping on Thanksgiving. One day as I was reading all the opinion I said to myself, “Self. What’s your opinion?” As soon as I engaged me on the topic I had a flashback to a Thanksgiving memory of years past. You know… Back […]

Thanksgiving Day Tradition: Family Reunion #PirateThanksgiving

AHOY MATEYS! The Thanksgiving season be upon us, yarrr…. which be meaning tis time to observe thee FAMILY TRADITIONS and FAMILY REUNION! Today, I am partnering with Pirate’s Booty so it only seems prudent I throw in some piratey speak – lest I be ordered to walk the plank! As the mother of a family […]

Emotions And Moving

At 6 weeks old, my parents moved us into the home I would live in until I left for college 18 years later. My husband and I met in college, married, and moved 4 times before having kids. From a tiny, dirty next-door-to-our-college apartment in So Cal… to a bigger, roach infested apartment with a […]

Pumpkins and Pumpkin Carving and Suchwise

This is just a huge post of pictures. And also commentary. Because I WILL NOT BE SILENCED These are pictures of that one Sunday in October we went to a local pumpkin farm and corn maze and it was warm and sunny and my kids are growing up so it’s not so easy to get […]

Things To Do At The Washington State Fair, yo.

If pictures are worth a thousand words, then this is going to be a really long post. Because being at the Washington State Fair is like entering a whole little city of it’s own. Based on my family’s recent trip, these are just a few idea of things to do at the Washington State Fair! […]