Talking to Kids About Holiday Drinking

*This is post was created in partnership with Ask, Listen, Learn, all opinion is my own. The holiday season is upon us! There is so much for us to look forward to – more time with family and friends, holiday excursions, holiday treats, holiday parties and events… Talking to Kids About Holiday Drinking When our kids are present […]

Mele Kaliki LLAMA!

Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays! Mele Kaliki LLAMA! I haven’t been filling the internet here as much as I’d hoped this month. I had visions of sugar plums holiday-inspired treats and craftsy stuff on the brain, but the crafts and treats always succumb to the realities of December living… Which, to be completely honest… while it […]

Happy Day of the Turkey!

Howdy friends! Happy Day of the Turkey! I am writing this the night before Thanksgiving. I am also cooking. I just updated my recipe for Yam Casserole (here) on the blog here because the recipe disappeared right out of the post! Imagine that! Aaaaanynowhos… I am making that dish tonight. That way, I just need […]

The Monday Minute: Sunglasses Day

HI FRIENDS! Today is Sunglasses Day! (Pictured: Me, Danielle of Extraordinary Mommy, and Amy of Momspark – check them out!) And here’s the Monday Minute video. I had to shoot it in my garage because… well… it’s summer and no one was in the garage. Except me. And flying creatures. Or maybe creatures falling from […]

Acorn Fall Box: Feat. My Morning Ritual, Lists, and Halloween Candy

I woke up the other morning, as I do on mornings. I wake up. I woke up before the children to get me my Me Time. *This is an Acorn Influence sponsored story, featuring items from their Acorn Fall Box. This story and opinion is mine, all mine. My early-morning Me Time includes (but is not […]

Annie at the Paramount in Seattle!

We are a theatre family. Somewhere along the way my kids got involved in a local children’s theatre group. My children have played villains and bugs and animals and various storybook characters ranging in roles from chorus to leads. So, the idea of heading to a play is exciting for us for at least two reasons… […]

The TRUTH About Back-To-School

So. I guess most kids are back to school. Except for Seattle schools, but they’ll get back soon. I’m sure. Not that my life revolves around back to school, BUT IT DOES. I mean, I have 3 kids. What’s funny about back-to-school is… many parents get so excited (myself included) about it. I mean, it’s […]

Things I’m Really Into Right Now – Episode 8 – feat. LAKE LIFE

My family recently went to Coeur d’Alene (try typing THAT 3 times fast!) for our summer escape. WE LOVE COEUR D’ALENE! CDA (Coeur d’Alene) is in Idaho. And there’s a big lake there. A BIG ONE. (This is the sunset from they place we stayed. This is only PART of the lake…) Something fun to […]

A Couple Tips For… The Summertime Road Trip!

School is out. Vacation plans are being made. Some families take to the air. Other families take to the ROAD. Our family loves to go on road trips together… including but not limited to: The Summertime Road Trip! Sure, not all the moments are ideal… if you have ever crammed three kids in the back […]

Sunshine + Beach Time = Banana Boat ®

HI FRIENDS! ARE YOU SO HAPPY IT’S SUMMER?! I am so glad to change up the routine, and SO happy the sun is OUT! Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Banana Boat ®. All opinion and facts about how I keep my family protected are mine that have taken years to develop and obsess about. But, […]