Shot@Life – Literally giving a shot at life to children.

I want every child to have a shot at making memories. I want every child to have a shot at not only dreaming about his or her future, but having a future. I want every child to have a shot at goofing off and even goofing up. I want to be part of giving a […]

100 Good Deeds: #DeedADay Movement

This is the time of year we look back and look forward. We take stock, which moves many to resolve to make changes. Exercise more! Eat less! Get organized! Etc and whathaveyou. Anytime is a great time to decide to live better. To be better. But the start of a new year has a way […]

Treehouse and National Foster Care Month

May (THIS month!) is National Foster Care Month. Related: IT’S MAY ALREADY?!!! I was asked by Treehouse to share with you about their organization to help raise awareness about the issues facing foster children in Washington state. They are a leading Washington nonprofit organization working to address the essential education and enrichment needs of kids […]