Last-Minute Holiday Fitness Gift Ideas

Howdy friends! 5 days until Christmas! I recently got to share about some last-minute Christmas gift-giving ideas on KOMO 4 News… one fine December afternoon. (Go Seattle!) If you saw the broadcast, you know I promised to share links and information… Perchance you are here to find that promised information? If you did NOT see […]

I Am Going to Run 400 Miles This Year.

I am. I am going to run 400 miles this year.  400 to “celebrate” the onset of my 4th decade of life, shall we say… Unless…. I break my legs. I digress. Speaking of digressing, HAVE YOU SEEN MY NEW YOUTUBE CHANNEL? Well, my channel isn’t new, but the design is. I am tickled to […]

Hey! I’m a Mom on a Bike! Meet my Huffy Regatta!

UPDATE! WE HAVE A WINNER! Congratulations to Heike – commenter #2! Thanks to all who participated! Imagine… … … the wind at your face. Fresh air. Just you and the faint sound of road passing beneath your feet. YOU’RE ON A BIKE, MOM! I wish you guys could really see the hill grade… and it’s […]

Running: My Musical Strategy

One of the biggest motivations for me to get out and running is music. Running (a.k.a. JOGGING) gives me the opportunity to play music I love AS LOUD AS I WANT. It’s all about me. Not unlike this blog. Aaaaaaanwho… Lately, I have taken to running a shy 3 miles near my home. PROBLEM IS… […]

Irony: Thoughts on cutting one’s finger on a cookie box and subsequent exercise.

So. One night recently… I remembered (a special thanks goes out a particularly fierce tummy growl) I had gone to Trader Joe’s and bought a box of Jo Jo’s. FOR EATING. Unrelated, never go shopping hungry. *eyes go wild* Aaaanywho. The box sat in my pantry… unopened for 3 days. THREE. DAYS. WHO DOES THAT?!! […]

My Favorite Snack: Bread, Bananas and the Peanut Butter

Well, not “favorite” in a chocolate decadence sort-of way… Rather, “favorite” in an, “I am counting calories and really need something other than celery and water” sort of way. LIKE, I REALLY NEED SOMETHING BESIDES CELERY, but I cannot ingest the chocolate torte drizzled with caramel and sprinkled with sea salt. I mean I COULD ingest […]

An Essay on Kickboxing, Drug Dealers and Resting On the Sixth Day

Well, I’ve been working hard to… well, feel better overall. Aaaaaaand try, try, trying to reduce my warehouse-store-sized-muffin-top to more of a standard-sized-muffin-top. Am I making sense? I really am just a woman who sets reasonable goals. I will always have a muffin top. I’m OK with that. Well, not really, but that’s what I […]

Return to You – The Great Return to Me

I am in the middle of writing my most current, and possibly most moving “Return to You” story. A story of returning to the best me possible. I am not at all dramatic. In my lifetime I have “written” several of these stories. Life is like that. We are always changing, always growing. Some of […]

Are you ready for flu season and/or halloween?

I know a number of you have seen this video already. This is one of my very first VLOGS. Like it isn’t totally obvi… it has “Baby Vlogger” written all over it. But I feel it is imperative to share now… as we enter flu season. I know the video is on the long side, […]

Has anyone seen my orthotics?

Seriously. I can’t find my orthotic inserts. WHO LOSES THEIR CUSTOM ORTHOTIC INSERTS? *ME* OOOPS. I forgot to undo my caps lock. WHO FORGETS TO UNLOCK THEIR CAPS LOCK? *ME* See? I really have nothing else to write. *liar* I CAN’T FIND MY ORTHOTICS, ya’ll! Even if I WANTED to go for a “run”… I couldn’t. […]