For Winning

Who doesn’t like to win? Seriously. Unless it’s winning a contest for being the ugliest. Or winning a contest for being stinky. *Speaking of stink, parents… have you seen my post about Don’t Fret the Sweat? There’s video!!! I suppose we can’t forget Charlie Sheen. His winning is not so much winning either. But I […]

Go 80's or Go Home

I’m kidding. But if you want to get that, like totally awesome 80’s look, here are a few tips: Necklaces, like totally. Like, totally cool leggings or tights. Accessorize, accessorize, like totally accessorize… Like, layer. Especially if you have something that sparkles. Yeah, like so much. Like, gag me with a spoon if you don’t […]

I am @jennyonthespot – A bit of Twitter 101 and a bit of paper.li

Awhile back, I made a Twitter welcome video. But it was lame-saucy. And for awhile I tried DMing my wonderful new followers that video. Not auto-DMing, mind you. I am not that kind-of girl. But I soon realized, it matters not if you are not auto-DMing or are… if you send a video or a […]

Marriage. It ain't easy.

It takes a lot of work… the whole “marriage” thing. Before one gets married, one hears a lot about the effort it takes. The compromises. The SACRIFICE. For the love… on the behalf… for the bettering and benefit… of another. 16+ years ago I knew there would be moments. But I was never prepared… not […]

A List. Because I do lists late at night and it's late at night.

I’ve been working on a post. Trying to recap feedback I got on the survey I did WEEKS ago. It’s taking too long so I decided to stop and make a list. I am ex-to-the-hausted and making a list helps alleviate the stress. But before the list, a picture… Because there always needs to be […]


You may or may not know that one of the things I do for work is read blogs. For realsies. But not any blog I choose… assigned blogs, if you will… Several hundred a week, in fact. Give or take a few dozen. Aaaaanywho. My point… My title just made me want to take me […]

This Is Jenny… Jenny On the Spot LIVE in Nashville

OK. So maybe I’m being a little dRaMatiC. Maybe. So, it wasn’t *LIVE*, except for when it was recorded. However, I made the cut and made it on the news over there in Nashville for while attending the Blissdom Conference! *BOOM* You can view the interview here. (I’d embed, but it will not embed correctly, […]

Best of 2010… According to the Populous/Le Commenters

According to YOU… My The Public… by way of comments… herefollows a list of the most commented-upon posts of 2010…. hitherhencetofo – my best *ahem* posts of 2010. Please know this post would not be possible without you. No, seriously. I chose these based on number of comments, and had there been no comments, there […]

Stressin' Me Out

So. I took a screenshot of my little email icon-thingie-guy. Granted, this was taken after a day or two of painfully sporadic access to my onlinez. But it was also taken AFTER I had deleted about 75 emails. So. Upside? Upside down. That’s what I say. Right now, I am at 34 unread messages. It’s […]

Melty – The Hungry Looking Snowman

And also dirty. Melty… our hungry, dirty snowman. Wait. Maybe his name should be DeFROSTYng the Snowman. ******** Keep up on the ridiculous, the insightful, the always digressive… Get Jenny On The Spot by RSS or EMAIL or newsletter! Follow JOTS on Twitter, join the Facebook Fan Page and/or Networked Blogs!