Three Wineries – Wine Tasting in Washington Wine Country

I guess I’ve been living in a little bit of a hole. When I think, “wine tasting”, I think Napa. Period. Wine tasting in Washington? Well, I have been educated. Apparently there is a bit of Napa in my own backyard… if you count a trip over the mountains one’s own backyard. Or a 45 […]

A Couple Tips For… The Summertime Road Trip!

School is out. Vacation plans are being made. Some families take to the air. Other families take to the ROAD. Our family loves to go on road trips together

The GMC Acadia Denali: My Car For A Week

A week or so ago my family got to enjoy a special treat. We were the proud borrowers of a GMC Acadia Denali for an entire week. That whole week felt sexy because of it. I mean, lest you forget our usual ride is the standard-issue minivan. Nothing against the minivan, but you guys… The […]

What To Do In Washington DC (if you only have 2 hours)

I’m not claiming I am an expert on the touristing of Washington DC, but herefollows my post: What To Do In Washington DC (if you only have 2 hours) I’m just saying I had 2 hours to tour Washington DC and if you ever find you have just a smidge of time in the our […]

WINTER DRIVING TIPS and Bridgestone Blizzak Winter Tires

. So. Why would a gal whose mind is primarily focused on sparkly things, teen & tween things, unboxing things, cooking things, and occasionally DIYing things think about WINTER TIRES? Well, in between all those other things, I am driving. I actually drive more than I do all those other things. So when I was […]

Ladies and Gentlemen… I give to you… The 2013 Honda Accord Line-Up!

A few weeks ago I packed up my bags and headed to Santa Barbara. *cue celestial harp* And it was there I got to meet the new 2013 Honda Accord line-up… Honda’s ninth generation of Accords – the Sedan, the Coupe *sexy whistle*, and the plug-in hybrid *go green!*. The coupe and sedan are coming […]

Universal Studios: Dr. Doom’s Fear Fall

OhMyHeck. FRIENDS. Universal Studios: Dr. Doom’s Fear Fall I am taking a BIG risk here. I am putting my fate, and the fate of my family in YOUR hands. Am. You see, we are heading to… to… to… Did you just pee your pants a little? I did. I thought it would be fun to […]

Mom 2.0 and My Roomies

Allow me to introduce you to my roomies at the Mom 2.0 Summit. Mom 2.0 and My Roomies I think if you know who I am keeping company with… sleeping with, fighting over shower privileges and power outlets with… and — word on the street is… jumping into pools with our pretty clothes on… then […]

Family Camp Weekend

This was our 6th annual trip to “Family Camp”. Family Camp Weekend We are blessed to be part of a wonderful group of families who heads to Whidbey Island for a weekend of… well, camping! The kids run wild, as do the parents. The bees are always a bother, the dirt is always on our […]

Our First Cruise: Cruising with Young Children

We chose the Carnival Cruise Line for our anniversary getaway because it was the least expensive and their children’s program takes children at age 2, and they do not need to be potty trained. Our First Cruise: Cruising with Young Children I read many reviews and it seemed Carnival was one of the best cruises […]