The Confessional: IN a Spot

It’s a little funny. Me + Here = Jenny On the Spot It’s cute. So clever… *insert credit to the huz here* But, but… Am I really ON the spot? Nay. I told someone the other day, “Ya know… I’m actually kind-of like a stew… I’m better the next day.”

The Confessional – Punctuation, Emoticons #andsuch

I admit it. Bring out the tar and feathers. I am an abuser of punctuation and emoticons 🙂 and run-on sentences aswellasrunonwords andwhathaveyou. Not just in blog posts but in email, tweets, and The Almighty Facebook status update. And the multi-purpose use of the hashtag, made known to me by The Twitter has #rockedmycategoricalworld. #bam […]

The Confessional – Home Decor & Digital Photography

The age of digital photography has adversly impacted my home decor. With the thousands upon thousands of photos I take… nearly none have been made into physical prints. Hitherhencetofore, my dilemma and confession. Above: These are not my kids… Below: And this was not my trip to *insert Grecian destination here* So. If you ever […]

The Confessional: I Am Afraid of Bugs

I don’t care. Call me a wuss, a weenie, a wimp… but I do not like bugs, es-stinkin’-specially if they fly. Es-stinkin’-speciallier if they are bigger than a pea… say, for example — a dragonfly! This guy broke into my house one evening when my husband was gone. For fear of my own life, I […]

The Blackness of My Hopeless Heart: That Full Glass is Gonna Be Empty

I really try. I fight it everyday. Every. Day. I was born with the innate gift to see a half-empty glass. In fact, if there is a FULL glass… my response is “Sure. It’s full NOW…” Some of you are surprised to hear this. “Happy Jenny”? Not my “Happy Jenny”! I make a conscious effort […]

The Confessional: The Pudding Pie

Before I bear bair bayer bare my soul to the interwebz… I would like to applaud, worship, and hail the mighty woman who took the picture to the left. Janice of 5 Minutes for Mom. I’m not sure if I have ever shared the story about how 5 Minutes for Mom was a key site […]

The Confessional: Phobias, Phears… I mean Fears

I am a pretty brave girl… as long as there are safety measures in place. Ya know, like — reflective vests, whistles, railing, and extra padding. I wouldn’t say I legitimately suffer from any phobias… but there are things that stretch my muscles of bravery. Here follows my own list of phobias/phfears. I invite you […]