I Don't "DO" Resolutions… DENIAL on the Other Hand…

I typically swerve away from making new year’s resolutions. Because I can never remember if it is New Year Resolutions or New Years Resolutions or New Year’s Resolutions. I’m serious. And, for the record, the aforementioned “swerving” is not due to the New Year’s Eve wine/vodka/tequila/etc… I think my fear of commitment is largely due […]

My Name Is Jenny

It’s been a little crazy around here. Emphasis on “a little” actually meaning “a lot”. {These are not my post-its. I need a post-it to remind myself to get more post-its, but I am out of post-its, so…} {photo credit: kakachu on flickr} Today, as I opened my laptop for the millionteenth time, I couldn’t […]

Make We Laugh Monday: How Did They Get To Here?

It has been awhile since I checked out the keyword phrases that are sending searchers over to Jenny On the Spot. Searchers. I am always a little surprised. Always a little disturbed. And always entertained by the creative long string searches that land folks on the doorstep of Jenny On the Spot. It makes me […]

Maybe I should rethink this "vlogging" thing.

O.K. So. THAT didn’t go EXACTLY as I expected.  In my defense, when I filmed this I still had not yet had my coffee. Not unlike a druggie without his “fix” for the day (or for the hour, I dunno the kinds of schedules druggies keep. Aaaaanywho…). However, a few lessons can be pulled from […]